Math's in a real life food tech Lesson

Feb 11 2022

In Maths lessons a lot of students tend to ask the question: ‘Where would we use this in real life?’

The Maths department have introduced a new lesson to some of the Year 7’s this year to help them understand where we can use Maths in real life and actually do it themselves!

This week some of the Year 7’s took part in a cross curriculum lesson with Maths and Food tech.

In their previous Maths lesson the students learnt about the unitary method and how they can use it to help them solve recipe problems.

They were able to then divide their flapjacks into fractions which is a topic they are currently learning.

The students ensured that they followed a recipe on flapjacks that involved weighing proportions.

Here are some quotes from the students on how they felt about the lesson:

Amelia: “Best lesson ever”, Adrian: “Delightful”, Mary: “Fantastic”, Amie: “Amazing” and Samuel: “Unique and terrific”.

The students and I would like to say a big thank you to Ms. Johal and Mr. Jasper for helping them with this lesson as well as Mr. Potter for taking the time to appreciate how hard they have worked.

Miss. Stanislaus, Maths Teacher

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