School Uniform

School Uniform

Please see our expectations and standards regarding uniform in the attached document below.

School Uniform Expectations at Bonus Pastor

Uniform can be purchased from any of the following suppliers (please see below for their price lists for 2022-2023):

New PE Kit supplier - Macron London South East

Details regarding the new PE Kit 2022-23 can be found, HERE

Bailwood Fashion Ltd in Lewisham


Bailwood Uniform Price List 2023-2024

Khalsa School Wear in Crayford

khalsa school wear

Khalsa School Wear Uniform Price List (PDF)

Wearabouts Clothing in Sydenham

wearabouts schoolwear

Whereabouts Clothing Uniform Price List (PDF)

The Halo Code

We are excited to announce that Bonus Pastor Catholic College has adopted The Halo Code, the UK's first Black hair code. No Black staff or students should have to change their natural or protective hairstyle in order to thrive at our school.

We hope that the Halo Code will move us one step closer to a world free from discrimination, where all Black members of our community have their identities fully recognised and celebrated.

The Halo Code


  1. Schools have the right to enforce a dress code as long as it is fair and does not unduly discriminate against any students and staff. Under the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED), “schools must eliminate racial discrimination and promote good race relations”. Policies and practices that prohibit hairstyles which are primarily used to maintain Afro-textured hair can lead to indirect discrimination.
  2. The Halo Code focuses on hair textures and styles most commonly associated with the Black community. The term Black has historically been used as a racial and political label. Here, we use it to refer to people of the African Diaspora, including those with mixed heritage, who as a result of their ancestry have Afro-textured hair.
  3. The Halo Code is a gender neutral policy.
  4. In order to embody the sprit of The Halo Code, staff are encouraged to familiarise themselves with different Afro-textured hairstyles and their cultural significance, and to avoid labelling Afro-textured hair with terms such as messy, unprofessional, or inappropriate.

Halo Code does not prevent schools from issuing additional guidance around Afro-texture hair and protective styles, including:

  • That head wraps and scarves should reflect other elements of the dress code such as the organisation’s colours.
  • That hair be tied up for health and safety reasons.
  • That hair colour is reflective of the wider dress code policy.