Year 11 Intervention

We understand the importance of providing additional support to our Year 11 students as they approach their final examinations. This page aims to provide you, as parents, with valuable information about why we run exam intervention sessions and when these sessions will be held.

Why Exam Intervention?

As educators, we recognise that the final year of secondary education is a crucial time for students. Exam intervention sessions are designed to offer targeted support to students in order to maximize their potential and ensure they are well-prepared for their upcoming examinations. These sessions are tailored to address specific areas of challenge and provide additional practice and guidance.

Benefits of Exam Intervention

  • Personalized Support: Our intervention sessions are structured to address individual learning needs, providing focused attention to each student.
  • Enhanced Understanding: Students have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of key concepts and improve their grasp on challenging topics.
  • Boosted Confidence: Through guided practice and expert guidance, students gain confidence in their abilities, which can positively impact their performance in exams.
  • Improved Results: Research has shown that students who actively participate in intervention sessions tend to achieve higher grades in their final examinations.

When are Intervention Sessions Held?

Our Year 11 intervention sessions are scheduled Monday to Thursdays after school. These sessions are carefully planned to align with the curriculum and provide timely support to students. Every student has a unique timetable unique to them. These timetables have been shared with all parents and students.

Year 11 After School Intervention Timetable 2023-2024