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CampionSaint Edmund Campion S.J. (24 January 1540 – 1 December 1581).

Edmund Campion was an English Roman Catholic martyr and Jesuit priest. While conducting an underground ministry in officially Protestant England, Campion was arrested by priest hunters. Convicted of high treason, he was hung, drawn and quartered at Tyburn.



House Feast Day

Saint Edward Campion's feast day is celebrated on 29th November


House LeaderCampion

Miss E Lawrence Obanokho

House Motto

Campion are the CHAMPIONS

Always try to do your best and strive to succeed in everything you do, as well as keeping true to yourself and what you believe in. Just like St Edmund Campion, we never give up.

The House Statement

Campion House encourages all of its students to promote the attitudes and values displayed by Saint Edmund Campion throughout his life. These include dedication to his faith and his education. All students in Campion house show a strong sense of commitment to the school ethos and aid and encourage all house members in their journey through life at Bonus Pastor Catholic College.

The House Prayer

We pray to you St Edmund Campion to help us to be loyal to God and not be afraid to proclaim the truth as you did. St Edmund Campion, pray for us

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