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CPL, SMSC and British Values

As a school, we passionately believe in developing and nurturing our students to be well rounded, responsible Catholic citizens of the future. This involves developing within them a wide variety of characteristics and values, knowledge, skills and understanding, to help equip them to be active citizens in the community in which they live in, both now and in the future. 


Character and Personal Learning:

A key part of this learning is through our Character and Personal Learning Lessons (CPL). This take place during a double period once a fortnight over the course of the year, and cover key curriculums such as PSHE, Citizenship and RSE, and are supplemented by a full "Drop Down Day" once per term. These sessions are delivered by a range of staff in school, from form tutors to specalist subject teachers and expert support staff, along with a range of external agencies and charities. 

These lessons help our students help our students to gain understanding, discuss and debate, of a wide range of issues from bullying, e-safety and healthy eating, to politics, money management, careers, sexual relationships and equality. For a full outline of our curriculum please see the download at the bottom. 


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development:

In teaching of the Catholic Church and the calling of Christ to be both Stewards and Servants in today’s world, we take every opportunity in the curriculum to embed these concepts.  The prayer life of the school is seen in action day by day with regular masses and liturgies, assemblies and gatherings which give students time for personal reflection. Our House System also creates opportunities for spiritual reflection and social development, through assemblies, the celebration of their saints, and through their vertical groupings. 

Students are actively encouraged to debate and examine their beliefs and moral understandings in relation to wider issues of culture, faith and equality. This is not simply restricted to RE, which all students study at GCSE, but across the wider curriculum through all subjects, from examining different cultures in Geography, key historical events within History, artists and artwork in the Visual Arts Department, music and drama, and more. 

Students also have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities and events, which further develop their SMSC, through being part of the chaplaincy team, performing in concerts and productions, joining a wide range of after schools or serving in their local community. For more details, please see the Bonus Pastor Charter and our enrichment programme. 


British Values

British Values are a key part of the curriculum at Bonus Pastor, and are embedded through the school, through assemblies, discussions and debates within tutor time, and taught explicitly within our CPL curriculum, as we strive to develop our students to be well rounded, responsible citizens of the future. 

Our students also have opportunities to practice, and demonstrate their understanding of British Values through extra curricular opportunities such as:

- School Elections for the Student Leadership Team, 

- Representing the school as a Prefect, Head Boy or Girl, or their House as House, Sport and Fundraising Captains, 

- Being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador

- Being a member of Student Voice

- Participating in local elections for Lewisham Young Mayor

- Fundraising for a range of charities within houses and form groups

- Volunteering within their local community as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, or as part of their "Beyong Bonus" section on the Bonus Pastor Charter. 


For more information please email our Assistant Head, Mr Lawrence at:

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The BP Charter 22nd Jun 2020 Download