Behaviour and Expectations

College Values

Embraced by every member of the Bonus Pastor community

  1. RESPECT: We show respect to ourselves, others and the environment.
    (e.g. wearing uniform correctly, being kind to one another, following instructions from all members of staff).
  2. RESPONSIBILITY: We take responsibility for our actions and our learning.
    (e.g. we are organised, complete our homework on time, apologise and accept consequences and guidance when we make a mistake).
  3. AMBITION: We place learning at the heart of all we do. 
    (Regardless of our starting point, we all try our best to achieve our potential and encourage others do to the same.  Effort is rewarded and valued.)

Classroom BehaviourThe3cs

At Bonus Pastor Catholic College, we encourage teachers and staff to use all incidents as a chance to build positive relationships, whilst using language that enables students to reflect on their behaviour. We use The 3 C Rule to help students understand, reflect and amend negative behaviour.


The proper place for you on a College day is at College.  The only acceptable reasons for not being in College are:

  • Illness (your parents or carers should phone the College on each day of absence) or
  • You have prior permission from the Principal to be absent.

If you are going to be away from the College for even a day then your parents must contact the College at the beginning of each day of absence.  You should always have a note from your parents when you return to College after being off sick, even if they have telephoned the College.

The College expects a high level of attendance from every student and will reward students who have excellent attendance records.

The benefits of regular attendance are self evident.  Any absence should be explained by letter on the first day back.  Do not use the Student Planner for this purpose as such letters are filed.

Students are not allowed to leave the College site without permission.

Students are never sent home during the College day without first contacting the parents.

For more information please see our Behaviour Policy in our Key Information, or contact: