Student Chromebooks

At Bonus Pastor Catholic College we believe that a Chromebook serves as a valuable learning tool to all students. Our aim is to develop students that are all digitally literate for the future. We want to equip students with the confidence to navigate and get the most out of digital technology while doing this safely and responsibility. Our teachers here at Bonus are committed to creating fun and engaging lessons that incorporate and are supported by digital technology. 

During the pandemic we realised the positive impact that technology had on our students. As a school we realised the potential of learning beyond the classroom. The Chromebooks provide an environment for students to access information and school services at the college and at home. We believe that every student should have access to a device. At the College we have over 900 students on roll and we are committed to ensuring that every student has a Chromebook.

What are the benefits of a Chromebooks:

  • Enhance organisationChromebook rules and expectations 1
  • Increase engagement
  • Access to support and facts
  • Collaboration
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Access to software
  • Better writing and literacy development
  • Accessibility options 

At the college all students will need to adhere to our E-safety Social Media, IT acceptable use and behaviour policies. These policies outline the rules and conduct when using the Chromebooks at school. 

Bonus Paster IT policiesBonus Pastor Behaviour Policies

Chromebook parent/ carer agreement 

Before a Chromebook is allocated to a student all parents/ carers must sign the Chromebook agreement form. These outline the terms and conditions when receiving a Chromebook device from the school. 

Link to Chromebook parent agreement form

We also have a set of clear rules and guidelines for Chromebook use in School. Please take a look at the series of posters in the gallery below that are displayed around the school.

What happens if I damage or break my Chromebook or charger? 

If you damage/ lose your Chromebook or charger please inform your Head of year, and tell them what happened.

Once you have informed your Head of year, bring your Chromebook to the IT department.

If the Chromebook is under warranty and has a fault the IT department will send it away for repair. We will reissue the Chromebook back to you when it has been returned. There is no charge for this.

If the Chromebook has been accidently damaged - this includes water damage or a broken screen, your parents/ carers will need to pay for a replacement Chromebook for a reduced price.

You will be issued with a Chromebook or charger replacement letter please take this home, and get it signed by a parent or carer.

Chromebook Repair and Replacement (R&R) letter 

When we receive your reply letter, a payment option will be added to MyChildAtSchool (MCAS). When your parent or carer has paid the new Chromebook or charger will be issued.

When your child brings home the letter you can fill it in and return it the IT department.