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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

At Bonus Pastor Catholic College we aim to prepare our students for further and higher education, or skilled employment, such that they will go on to make a significant and positive contribution to society.

We ensure that all students learn about all pathways available to them including further education, higher education, apprenticeships and all other forms of work-based learning.  In ensuring that students are knowledgeable about the pathways available to them, and equipping them with skills and attributes to get ahead in the work place, we believe that our students are suitably prepared and empowered to make informed decisions about their own futures. 

We are proud that 100% of Bonus Pastor students go onto Sixth Form, College or Apprenticeships each and every year.

Careers Plan 2023-24

Associated Staff

  • Ms R.Hill (Leader of CEIAG, Pastoral Leader of KS4, Deputy DSL) 
  • Link Governor: Claudia Ceballos-Cardona

The Careers Programme is planned around the following key themes for each Year group, such that students learn about the variety of opportunities available to them and are ultimately empowered to make positive choices about their futures:

  • Year 7 – Introduction to Careers and aspiration
  • Year 8 – Challenging my view of the working world and considering career pathways
  • Year 9 – Preparing for GCSE Options and understanding the impact of these upon my future
  • Year 10 – Exploring what is right for me and preparing for my future
  • Year 11 – My choice; my future 

1-2-1 Guidance meetings are compulsory for all Year 10/11 students regarding the Post 16 Transition, and are also available for all students and/or parents at any time.  Please contact Rebecca Hill via email to find out more:

We are committed to providing students with high quality encounters with employers and work places. If you are able to contribute to this area of the programme, please contact Rebecca Hill via email to express your interest.  Please see Provider Access Policy Statement for further information about access, facilities and safeguarding.

Careers Education Programme

Careers education is embedded in all areas of the curriculum at Bonus Pastor Catholic College in order to help inform and inspire our students.  Activities and events include:

  • Ada Lovelace Day Celebration of Women in STEM Careers
  • University visits and workshops
  • Work Experience for all Year 10 pupils
  • Employability Day for all Year 11 students
  • Sixth Form taster day experience for all Year 10 students
  • 1-2-1 guidance for all Year 8 and Year 11 students, in line with Key Stage transitions
  • KS4-5 Transition Information Evening for all Year 11 Parents and Students
  • Business Mentoring
  • Subject specific careers displays across the school
  • Apprenticeship information displays
  • Subject-specific activities throughout subject curriculums
  • Extra-curricular and enrichment activities provided by Subject departments
  • Tutor-time activities embedded into the Year 8 tutor programme
  • A Level Masterclasses at local Independent Sixth Form Providers
  • Careers library available to all students
  • Meaningful encounters with employers – through seminars and assemblies
  • Active alumni network
  • Developing skills and attributes for the workplace through working towards the Bonus Pastor Charter

For more detail about our careers programme, and how it links to the Gatsby Benchmarks, please see the attached Careers Plan. 

Student engagement in CEIAG activities is tracked, monitored and evaluated throughout their time at Bonus Pastor, which means we can ensure that all of the Gatsby Benchmarks are met for each and every child.

We have a proud history of 0% NEETS at Bonus Pastor.  Each year we review and evaluate our destination data in order to shape our future careers provision. 

We continue to review and improve our CEIAG provision in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks.  The next review will take place in September 2024.

Bonus Pastor Careers (Twitter/ X Account)

Or call on 020 8695 2100


Year 9 Curriculum Choices

Students at Bonus Pastor are supported to make key curriculum choices in Year 9.  Each student studies English, English Literature, Maths, Science and RE and chooses an additional 3 Option subjects to pursue.

Students are supported to make the best individual decisions by:

  • Subject-specific assemblies by Heads of Department about each GCSE and BTEC on offer
  • Assemblies on Curriculum Choices and the impact of these on future careers by Careers Lead
  • Assemblies from employers
  • Establishing decision making skills through tutor time and PSHE sessions
  • KS3-4 Information Evening, including advice from Christ the King Sixth Form College
  • Personalised guidance from Careers Lead
  • Parents’ Coffee Morning with Careers Lead

By equipping students with the understanding of the context of these decisions and their next steps after Bonus Pastor, please see below, we believe that we support them to make appropriate Curriculum Choices which empower them to go on to make a positive contribution to society.

For more information please see attached Student Guide, or email Ms Hill 

Careers Pathways

KS5 Transition - Student Information

All Year 11 students at Bonus Pastor must apply for suitable Post 16 placements, as it is a legal requirement for young people to be in Education, Work or Training until they are at 18 years old. 

We are proud that 100% of all students, every year, go on to secure a suitable placement, due to the excellent information, advice and guidance they are given by staff.  All students receive 1-2-1 KS5 Transition meetings in which they create a Personal Action Plan informed by their individual interests and aspirations; all parents and students are invited to a KS4-5 Information Evening, and all parents and students have the opportunity to meet with the Careers and Transition Leader, Ms Hill, for personal advice and guidance. 

We have fantastic relationships with local Post 16 providers who routinely visit the school to meet with our Year 11 students to help them make informed decisions about their futures.

For more information, advice and guidance about the KS5 Transition please see the KS5 Transition Information Booklet below, or email Ms Hill.

KS5 Transition - Parent Information

All Year 11 students at Bonus Pastor must apply for suitable Post 16 placements, as it is a legal requirement for young people to be in Education, Work or Training until they are at 18 years old. 

This doesn’t have to mean staying in school; students can choose to study or train in any of the following ways:

  • Study full-time in a school, college or with a training provider
  • Work or volunteer full-time, together with part-time accredited education or training.
  • Take up an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Supporting your child through the KS5 Transition can be a little daunting as it is so different from the Secondary Transfer, and there are so many different options available to your child.  The following websites provide useful information, as does the below "Parents Guide to Helping Your Child Begin Their Career Journey". Alternatively, please email Ms Hill who will be happy to meet with you to provide information, advice and guidance personalised to your child. 


Online Careers Information, Advice and Guidance: A Parent’s Guide

You may find the following documents and websites useful when helping your child think about what/where they would like to study, and what they would like to do in later life.

The Parents Guide: Getting Ahead in the Summer Holidays

Career Alchemy

  • helps parents/carers further understand the education, work and training options available to teenagers.
  • suggests key questions and topics to discuss with your child to help them make positive decisions.


National Careers Service

  • provides information, advice and guidance to help students make decisions about learning, training and work opportunities. 
  • offers 1-2-1 guidance via online messenger or telephone calls.
  • gives detailed information about jobs, careers and courses, including entry requirements, average salary and working hours.



  • careers videos from a range of careers, including jobs that may be more unusual.
  • buzz quiz for students to identify what subjects or careers they may be best suited to.
  • information for parents and carers on how to support young people making careers decisions.


Amazing Apprenticeships

  • explains what apprenticeships are and the different levels they can be studied at.
  • search for local apprenticeship vacancies.
  • live broadcasts from current apprentices sharing their experiences and advice.
  • information for parents and carers.



  • careers quizzes to help students choose careers, courses or apprenticeships.
  • provides information about vacancies, entry requirements, wages and working hours.

Staff Information

Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers

At Bonus Pastor we are committed to ensuring that careers learning begins in the classroom and is woven through the curriculum.  Additional standalone careers events work to support this learning and address specific needs.  

Curriculum Leaders are encouraged to welcome employers into their lessons to support curriculum learning and take their students to visit workplaces where possible.  This, together with developing key employability skills, supports our students to be equipped for the working world.

There are numerous benefits to this approach, including:

  • Motivation -  students become aware of how their learning is relevant to the working world, and therefore why their lessons are important.
  • Inspiration – meeting with employers and visiting different workplaces provides students with experiences that they may not otherwise have had, and often inspires them to find out more in order to make informed decisions about their own futures.
  • Time – embedding careers learning into the curriculum means students do not lose lesson time in order to attend careers events.

Teachers are welcome to invite their own contacts into school, or ask Ms Hill (Leader of Careers and Transition) for support in sourcing suitable contacts.   

Employer Engagement

At Bonus Pastor we value working with local and national employers as opportunities to meet employees and visit workplaces bring the world of work to life for students.  Students who have engaged with and been inspired by employers are better equipped to make informed choices about their own futures.

Employers can support Bonus Pastor students by:

  • Delivering assemblies
  • Linking with Curriculum Leaders to provide real-world context for particular topics
  • Offering mock-interviews
  • Careers insight talks
  • Welcoming students into the workplace
  • Offering work experience placements
  • Speed networking sessions
  • Business mentoring

We are pleased to have established relationships with employees from the following companies who support the Careers Programme at Bonus Pastor in a variety of ways.  If you would like to join our network, please contact Ms Hill (Leader of Careers and Transition) or complete the form at the link below: 

Sign Up to be a Bonus Pastor Careers Champion

 Employer Enaggement 1

Employer Enaggement 2

Year 11 Employability Day

All Year 11 students take part in Employability Day in the Autumn Term.  For one day only students swap their uniform for business-dress and transform into young adults before our eyes! 

Throughout this invaluable careers-centred day students take part in a variety of employability tasks, including:

  • Practising interview skills with PER – a leading international recruitment company
  • 1-2-1 mock interviews with a variety of professionals
  • Speed networking with professionals from a variety of industries
  • Success seminars with Bonus Pastor Alumni
  • Challenging career stereotypes debates

This year’s new and improved programme was a roaring success, and 95% of Year 11 students reported that they understood the working world better after their experience of Employability Day. 

Employability Day 2019 2

Student Feedback

95% of students said that they understood the working world better after Employability Day

95% of students said that they had learned about jobs they had not heard of before

90% of students said that they were inspired by Bonus Pastor Alumni

91% of students said that Employability Day helped them to feel more confident to speak to business professionals

“Employability Day was amazing – a day full of learning and fun.  It has really helped me to realise my skills and potential and also taught me about the working world beyond school.”

“I loved Employability Day!”

“The alumni talks were inspiring.”

“I would’ve liked more time in the speed networking task, as I enjoyed it a lot.”

Employer Feedback

“I enjoyed the networking session, and was impressed with the effort the students put into it.  Starting with their handshake and how they presented themselves, to the questions they asked or avenues they followed up on.”

“I thought the event was excellent, so well organised in its run up and its execution and a joy to meet your year 11s. Every student that I met was well prepared and appeared to fully engage in the process, asking many pertinent and informed questions.”

“I felt inspired by the event and by Bonus Pastor’s initiative and programme. If only we’d had similar events when I was at school!”


If you would like to get involved, please contact Ms Hill (Leader of Careers and Transition)

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KS5 Transition Information - A Student Guide 21st Jun 2020 Download
Parents and Carers eBook - Helping Your Child Begin Their Career Journey 21st Jun 2020 Download

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