Latest COVID19 Updates: 28th September 2020

We as a school have had a positive COVID-19 test result which, following consultation with Public Health England, the Department for Education, and Lewisham Local Authority, we have managed swiftly and effectively. Please see the letter from Mr Ronan below for more details. 

If you have any questions regarding this process, or the processes in the event of any other future COVID-19 cases, please see the document below: 


Parent Letter Sent 2nd November 2020FAQs-following-a-COVID-19-Positive-Test.pdfCovid-19-Symptoms-and-Isolation-Guide.pdf


Please see the information below for any students currently isolating or learning from home.

Students should follow their regular lesson timetable during this period. Teachers will set work via google classroom and students should submit what they have completed by the end of each day.



Bonus Pastor are following the Government's advice regarding school closures.

For upto date Government advice please click here


For our Full Risk Assessment please see the document below:

Bonus Pastor COVID19 Risk Assessment


If you or someone in your family is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms please see the attached guide on what next to do.

COVID-19 Symptoms Guide


Returning to School in September

Please see the start of term letter from our Principal, Mr Ronan, along with the information below for how we have adapted our school to meet COVID19 guidelines. 

Please also sign and return with your child the agreement included in Mr Ronan's letter. 

Mr Ronan's September-Reopening-Letter.docx



Start and Finish Times
Year 11 and Year 10: 8.30am until 3:05pm
Year 7 and Year 8: 8.45am until 3:15pm
Year 9: 9.00am until 3:25pm


Protective Bubbles

All students will be kept in separate ‘bubbles’. These will be in Year groups 7-11.  Students will be separated from other students, however all classes on their normal timetable will be taught, by their assigned teachers and specialists. We are going to achieve this by facilitating teacher movement across the school. Supervision rotas will be used to supplement this. 

Lunch and break

In order to separate, the bubbles at lunch we are operating a system where year groups will need to be served lunches in separate areas of the school. We will ask that Parentmail is used exclusively, so please ensure you have appropriate details and log ins.

Social Distancing 
Strict social distancing rules will be followed and all students will receive a Health and Safety briefing from me and the SLT on their first day.

  • A full risk assessment has been carried out
  • A questionnaire will be sent to all students to gauge their feelings about returning to school
  • Bubble year groups will be assigned specific entrances, exits and learning areas.
  • The behaviour policy will still be in full operation and any students breaking social distancing bubble rules may be isolated and then sent home for their safety and safety of others
  • Students will not be allowed to go into shops before or after school
  • Students should bring their own drink.
  • Heightened awareness of hygiene and cleaning will be in action during your child’s visit to the school
  • Deep cleans will be carried out each evening
  • Measures will be taken to improve ventilation for example by opening doors and windows
  • All teachers and other staff will operate across different classes and year groups in order to facilitate the delivery of the school timetable
  • For individual and very frequently used equipment, such as pencils and pens, staff and pupils should have their own items that are not shared.  
  • Classroom based resources, such as books and games, can be used and shared within each year group; these should be cleaned regularly, along with all frequently touched surfaces.
  • Resources that are shared between classes or bubbles, such as sports, art and science equipment should be cleaned frequently, meticulously and always between bubbles.
  • Teachers will move from class to class and students will stay in static areas to maintain distance and to limit interaction with other ‘year bubbles’
  • When movement does occur a one-way system will be in operation with specified year group entrances and exits
  • Regular handwashing will be factored in. 


School attendance will be mandatory again from the beginning of the autumn term. This means from that point, the usual rules on school attendance will apply. 


We ask that you encourage your child to walk or cycle to avoid public transport if possible but we understand that many of you will want to drop your child to school- Please do not stand at the gates to see them in and please assist us in following government guidance on social distance.

The government have stated that any child over the age of 11 needs to wear a face mask on public transport so all students will need to have these available if travelling this way.

In order to comply with guidelines and to manage student bubbles, we will be asking all students at the bus stops to go straight home and not to visit the local shops and/or take away outlets in the local vicinity.  

School uniform 
All students will return in full school uniform 


We recognise that the shift from home learning to being back in school will take some getting used to and we feel it is important to hear from your child regarding their feelings on returning to school. We have created a survey questionnaire in Google classroom to help us learn how best to support your child. 

I am sure that you can appreciate that the government and DFE guidance is an everchanging picture and the plan is subject to change in order to incorporate further updates and advice when received. We remain committed to providing the best education to your child and we really look forward to seeing them in September.  

I have been so impressed with the efforts and levels of commitment from our students and the fantastic support they are receiving from you at home during this difficult time. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any queries or suggestions. 

We thank you for your continued support 

God bless 
Yours sincerely

Mr Jonathan Ronan (Principal) 



In preparation for any future absence or possible localised lockdown, please see additional information below: 

Working From Home / Google Classroom:

For pupils working from home they have access to Google Classroom where teachers are uploading lessons, resources and activities for pupils to complete. Pupils can then submit / turn in the work back to those teachers for them to mark and give feedback. For more help please download the Google Classroom Guides provided. 

Google-Classroom-Instructions.pdf Uploading-Work-to-Google-Classroom-Instructions.pdf


Enrichment and Extra Curricular: 

We are also in the process of creating additional Google Classrooms to support the other outstanding areas of our school, such as stretching our most able students and maintaining our catholic ethos through our spirituality team and a "Faith in Action" classroom, whilst also provided careers information, advice and guidance to our Year 11s in preparation for their transition, and for Year 10s and lower years in the school.

Subjects are also uploading to Google Classroom a range of extra curricular activities, A Level work and other tasks that pupils can be getting involved in beyond their Google Classroom lessons. 

Students can also take part in the Bonus Pastor Charter..From Home! A tweaked version of our existing enrichment programme, with a wide range of activities that pupils can be completing at home, that will not only get them thinking creatively or stretch them beyond their regular subjects, whilst also improving their CV's and College/6th form applications, but can also earn them rewards and count towards their BP Charter back in school! 


Children's Guide to Covid19: 

The Children's Commissioner has designed a guide to help explain the current situation to children and gets them to reflect upon their feelings. Please see the download attached. 


Additional Support: 

If you need any additional support or help during this difficult and challenging time, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us as a school.

We can also refer you to Lewisham Foodbank where you can get support in access to, and providing food for you and your family. 

For more information, please see the document below, or email Mr Lawrence:



Who to Contact: 

If you or your child need any help or support over the coming weeks and months then please do get in touch, we will do all that we can as a school to help during this difficult and challenging time. 

For any questions relating to your child's school work for specific subjects please email your child's individual subject teachers, or the Head of Department, which can be found on our subject pages.  

For all other questions or concerns please email your child's Head of Year or Head of House, and if they are unable to help they will redirect your enquiry as necessary. 



Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this challenging time, and we look forward to being reunited as a school community. 


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