Students of Bonus Pastor are expected to be smartly dressed at all times.

Full College uniform must be worn to and from the College as well as in College and all other occasions e.g. College outings unless instructed otherwise.

Variations to the prescribed College dress are forbidden.  No extreme styles, shaved patterns or extreme colours in hair are allowed.  Shaved pattern in the eyebrows are also forbidden.

All articles of Uniform must bear the owner's name.

College Uniform

Blazer Black with College Badge on left breast pocket
Trousers (Boys only) Black standard College trousers - not cord or jeans or fashion trousers
Skirts (Girls only) Standard Bonus Pastor black skirt, available at Whitehall Clothiers, at a respectable length for College.

Yr 7 and 8 - Grey V-Neck with gold stripe around the neckline.

Yr 9, 10 and 11 - Black V neck with gold stripe around the neckline

note: Students may chose to not wear a jumper, but students must wear a blazer at all times.

Shirt Plain white College style button up shirt, with top button fastened and shirt tucked in.
Tie Bonus Pastor College tie worn properly, showing 5 coloured stripes below the knot. 
Tie colour is specific to the House the student is in.

Black leather and polished - no suede, patent, cloth or material shoes, sandals, high heels, boots, plimsolls or trainers are to be worn either on the way to or from College or in College.

exception - In adverse weather conditions such as snow, students are allowed to wear weather appropriate footwear to and from College but must change footwear on arrival.


Boys - Dark Socks only

Girls - White knee high socks OR plain black tights

Coat The College coat or a plain dark coat.  No leather, suede or denim coats allowed.  Cardigans, sweatshirts, hooded tops are not allowed.  No coats with logos on.  Any of these items will be confiscated.
Headwear In extremes of weather, and at the discretion of the Principal, a plain black woollen hat can be worn in winter.  No baseball caps or hats with logos at any time.
Bags Not compulsory but advised.  There are two types of official College bag - rucksack or messenger bag - available through Whitehall Clothiers.

Boys - No jewellery except a watch

Girls - One pair of small plain studs in the lower lobe of the ear and a watch.  No other jewellery or piercing is allowed.  Nail Polish and false nails are not allowed


PE Uniform

Yellow Polo Shirt Embroidered with College name
Black Sweatshirt Embroidered with College logo
Black Fleece optional
Plain black shorts Traditional style
Rugby Socks Black with Amber tops
White Socks Short
Football Boots  
Tracksuit Bottoms Plain Black.  Optional
Kit Bag College Kit Bag or Suitable alternative - not a carrier bag.


All items of College Uniform are available from Whitehall Clothiers in Lewisham.