Physical Education


Exercising Body and Mind

At Bonus Pastor we pursue excellence for all in Physical Education (PE) and Sport. Our goal is to raise the standards of achievement in PE and sport for all our students. Using the power of PE and Sport, we enhance their academic, personal and social development regardless of ability. This leads to higher self esteem, and infuses them with a sense of pride in their successes, and encourages them to improve and raise attainment through the National Curriculum.

Our Approach

At the College, the PE Department aims to make young people healthier, encourage them to develop their self discipline and teamwork skills, develop their leadership potential and introduce them to activities they will enjoy and derive health benefits from for a lifetime. We also promote links between colleges, share resources, develop and spread good practice to further raise standards.

By providing enhanced opportunities and offering encouragement to engage in PE as spectators, participants, coaches, administrators or officials the members of our community also benefit from what PE can provide.

Key Stage 3 & 4 Core Sports

Students study one activity per half term and are assessed at the end of every activity against set criteria and will be given a National Curriculum level.  Every class as a double lesson a week which equates to 100 minutes.

These include:

GCSE Physical Education

At the start of Year 9 students are given the option to study Physical Education at GCSE level, including both practical and theoretical study (OCR syllabus is followed). Students will have both theory and practical lessons during the course of Years 9, 10 and 11. There is a strong emphasis on written theory during the course to complement the practical element, together with regular written home learning will be set.  Most Year 11 lessons will be theory based.

Part of the course involves practical assessment as well as written coursework where students will be required to show effective performance in at least four sports.

There are two examination papers where students will answer questions on the following areas:


The College has a number of resouces for PE, including the sports fields, the sports hall, the MUGA and equipment provided for the sports listed above. We are also heavily involved in fixtures against other colleges in a variety of sports. Some of our students also represent local district sides. The PE Department organises successful after College clubs in a variety of activities and students also take part in Inter House sporting activities.