• Ms V Clarke (Head of Performing Arts) 
  • Mr N Coke (Teacher of Music) 

Music at Bonus Pastor

Music and Bonus Pastor Catholic College provides a highly engaging chance for students to develop their confidence and discover new talents, both individually and as a group. Students explore music from a range of places, time periods and cultures. The study of music history enriches students’ understanding of different cultures and eras, and enables them to understand the roots of today’s popular music in context. Each student will develop essential life skills, such as concentration, exploration, organisation and collaboration. 


Music at Key Stage 3:

Lessons are compulsory in Key Stage 3, and pupils receive 2 periods a fortnight, one double lesson, where they are taught a range of composing, performing and evaluating skills. Students are encouraged to develop creativity and collaborative skills through regular group work activities. The topics and stimulus material studied is extremely varied and students are introduced to the history of music from instruments of the Orchestra, to Jazz and The Blues, to Chinese and African music. Students are also introduced to a variety of genres through both practical and theory based tasks and throughout KS3 pupils will learn how to create and evaluate their own, solo and group, work. All students are encouraged to develop their confidence through performance skills as well as learn how to be analytical through constructive criticism.

For a full list of our topics studied please see the Topic Overview on the right.

Homework is usually set twice a half term and will include written evaluation of work they have carried out in class, consolidation of knowledge, self and peer assessment, research tasks, preparation for the next lesson and assessments as well as focused improvement tasks


Music at Key Stage 4: 

Music is an option subject at GCSE where students continue to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding attained throughout KS3. Within the GCSE course, students are led to develop in confidence by performing in solo and group pieces, compose their own songs using specialist equipment, and complete a written listening exam. The topics studied range from Popular Music of the 20th & 21st Centuries; Western Classical and World Music. Performance styles and genres learnt at KS3 will be revisited and built upon. All students will be required to learn or continue learning an instrument which include voice, piano, saxophone, guitar, drum kit, violin, trumpet and many more. Students will have individual instrumental lessons during school time however, additional practise at home is essential.

More detail can be found out about GCSE on the subpage


Music practical lessons are taught in a fully equipped classroom with a recording studio. GCSE Music students will have access to and the use of industry standard software such as Logic, Sibelius and GarageBand. We use the Drama Studio for intimate performance evenings and the main hall for larger performances and whole school productions. Both spaces are equipped with a professional lighting and sound equipment. The music classroom is equipped with ICT to provide students with resources to complete research and written tasks.

Enrichment andExtra Curricular Activities: 

The department runs many weekly clubs and ensembles including: keyboard, drumming, guitar, brass and choir. Here students are encouraged to build confidence, as well as develop creativity and group skills. Students are able to develop positive relationships with other students, across the year groups.

Each year we put on a College Production, where we have over 40 students, ranging from Year 7 to Year 11, involved and working together collaboratively. Students can take part and perform in the production as a member of the band. We are currently in the rehearsal process for Little Shop of Horrors.

Our previous productions include:

  • February 2016 – Bugsy Malone
  • February 2017 – West Side Story
  • July 2018 – Our Day Out

As members of Lewisham Music, our students take part in a number of performances and concerts. Lewisham Music provides high quality music education opportunities for all young people and schools in the London Borough of Lewisham.

Students are also provided with opportunities to audition with industry professionals, both in and out of school and a number of students have been successful.

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