Modern Languages

  • Mrs C Hirst (Subject Leader, French and Spanish Teacher)
  • Ms M Arias Hoyos ( French and Spanish Teacher, Head of Barton House, EAL Co - ordinator)
  • Ms N Lamine ( French and Spanish Teacher)
  • Ms B Collins ( French and Spanish Teacher)

Language Skills are for Life

Language ability is a life long skill which enhances people’s professional and personal lives.  Studying a language also helps students to increase their understanding of different cultures, current events and the day to day lives of others.

Our Approach

We believe visiting the country of the language students are learning is an integral part of learning a language.  Students study both French and Spanish in KS3. In KS4 students may choose to study French, Spanish or both languages to GCSE.

Key Stage 3

Both French and Spanish are taught in sets, and are compulsory for all students at KS3. We concentrate on development of vocabulary and grammar, and help students gain the confidence to communicate simple concepts in conversation. We also encourage students who speak another language at home to take the language GCSE when they are ready.

Key Stage 4

Languages are a popular choice across the ability range at GCSE and we achieve good results in both French and Spanish.  The course aims to develop the key listening, speaking, reading and writing skills relevant for the exams.  The courses focus on topics such as lifestyle, health, leisure, holidays and the environment.


French: To encourage students to apply their skills, we take students in Year 7 on a day trip to Boulogne, in Year 8 students travel to Paris for a three day cultural trip and there is a trip to a chateau in Northern France for those studying French at GCSE.

Spanish: Each year students attend a GCSE Spanish conference which is held in London.  We also run a trip to Madrid for those students studying Spanish at GCSE level.

This additional support helps to develop each student’s language and communication skills as well as confidence in their chosen language.


All classrooms have interactive whiteboards.

In French we use the Expo text books (level 1 and 2) at KS3, and Expo 4 and hte AQA GCSE Text book by Nelson Thornes for KS4. For Spanish we use the Mira text books and at GCSE we also use the AQA GCSE text book by Nelson Thornes. We have a French and Spanish Language Assistant who work with students individually or in small groups.

We hold  weekly after College GCSE examination preparation classes for both French and Spanish and a French Club.