“Why are we concerned with Art?
To cross our frontiers, exceed our limitations, fill our emptiness – fulfil ourselves.
This is not a condition but a process in which what is dark in us slowly becomes transparent.” 

Jerzy Grotowski -Theatre Practitioner 1968

The Drama Department at Bonus Pastor Catholic College provides highly effective teaching and learning in drama, theatre studies and live performance. It aims to equip each student with a wide range of practical skills; a thorough knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre from a variety of periods and cultures; the ability to form opinions about their own and other’s work; develop self confidence in performing and presentation; and the desire to appreciate live theatre as both a performer and audience independently.

With our own fully-equipped, purpose-built drama studio we are able to stage productions throughout the year giving the students a chance not only to act but also to direct, design, provide the lighting and special effects and all other elements of stage management. After school drama clubs, workshops with actors from Small Nose productions and links with external theatre companies, The National Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe and local Catford Broadway enable us to imbue all of our students with an appreciation of theatre both as practitioners and audience.

We work closely with Lewisham Youth Theatre (LYT) where are number of our Year 7 – 10 students go on to become members of their Technical Theatre Production Group and Junior/Senior Youth Theatre Group.

At KS3 students are introduced to and build on basic drama skills where they  develop co-operation and collaboration in small and whole group work. Each lesson enables pupils to question and explore different possibilities and ideas from a given stimulus and explore a range of themes and topics, whilst developing their creativity. Students are encouraged to develop creative responses to a given stimulus. Students also develop communication skills and the ability to evaluate own and others’ work sensitively, both orally and through written evaluation.

In Year 7, the topics studied are:

  1. Anti-Bullying
  2. Greek Theatre
  3. Physical Theatre
  4. Medieval Theatre
  5. Darkwood Manor

In Year 8, the topics studied are:

  1. Status
  2. Melodrama
  3. Childhood
  4. Exploring Stimuli

Curriculum: At KS4 students build on the skills learnt at KS3 and have the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and understanding of devising, performing and written evaluation. Throughout the course, students will devise their own piece of drama as a performer or a designer, perform extracts from published scripts and study a set text in the roles of a director, designer and performer for written assessment.