Emmanuel Ogunfuye Wins Highlight of the Year Competition

Jul 17 2020

Congratulations to Emmanuel Ogunfuye in Year 7 who won the ‘Highlight of the year’ competition with his brilliant football season report. Prizes to be presented in September.

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Bonus Pastor Year 7 Football Season Report

Hello everyone, my name is Emmanuel Ogunfuye and I am the GK of the Yr7 School football team. I am writing to you to inform you about our victorious but difficult route to the Kent Cup Final, which we successfully won.

Our first game of the season was a home game against Welling School. We won the game 6-2. It wasn’t our best performance as it was our first time playing together. However compared to the other team we really dominated the match. Everyone could see the potential was there and it was really exciting to watch too! Personally, it was one of my favourite matches this season because we had way more freedom and licence and there was less pressure. We also got to show off our skills and our strengths because the game wasn’t like a semi final or final.

The second game was one of the toughest we had in the entire competition. It was against Thomas Tallis School. They were one of the better teams so it was kind of good to get them out of the way. We eventually won the game 4-3 but for neutrals it was a very interesting game. Unfortunately we actually went 1-0 down but we showed that we were resilient and had great determination. We had a winning mentality and that’s what I loved!

Round 3 of the competition was against Charles Darwin. We won 6-0 and completely dominated. The opposition didn’t even have 1 shot on target. We just passed and moved. It was a really good team performance because everyone contributed. In goal, I was giving clear instructions, our defenders had to watch the long ball, our midfielders kept possession and our wingers/strikers just did what they do best; put the ball in the back of the net! It was also our first clean sheet of the tournament and a good performance for me as it was my birthday!!!

Our next match, which by far had the most goals, was against Harris Falconwood. We won by a whopping 9 goals (9-0). In this game we were so clinical. If it wasn’t for their outstanding keeper, it could’ve been at least 15 goals. This was a good game too because as we were leading comfortably, it gave a chance to the manager to rotate his team and give other players minutes. The other team had 2 subs while we had around 5 or 6. That was a key advantage to the game because in the 2nd half, we put the game to bed as we had fresh legs coming off the bench.

Next on the road was a quarter final match against St Paul’s academy. We were missing a few players for this game as it was a Saturday. Nonetheless, everyone on the team put in a performance. We defended really well because they had majority of possession. We hit them on the counter attacks. Apart from their goal, they didn’t really have a sniff on goal. We showed in the game that no matter what players are on the pitch we always play the same way.

After a good quarter-final performance, we moved onto the semis. This is where things really get tough. It shows who’s got the mentality and the nerve to win. In this match we were playing Hurstmere School. This victory was sweet revenge too because the previous year the current Yr9’s lost to Hurstmere in the final so we had to give them justice! However, we started the game off really slow. I think it was complacency as we were favourites to win the tournament. Many people had said they had never seen a Yr7 team play this good so it must’ve got to our heads. At half-time we got a right rant from our manager because it was sloppy first half. We also disappointed all the people who gave up their Saturday morning just to come support us. We used this to motivate us and drive the team on. After 5 minutes, we had turned the tie around to 2-1. Unfortunately, in the last few minutes we lost concentration and conceded. The game was going into Extra Time. It was so nerve-racking because we didn’t want to lose. We scored another goal to took it to 3-2. In the last minute of extra-time we scored another one to win!

Eventually, the final!!! I couldn’t wait! The stadium was extremely beautiful. I couldn’t wait to play one the pitch and hopefully lift the trophy. The whole team was ready to play Simon Langton GS and we won 8-1! It was a fantastic display and I want to thank everyone from Bonus Pastor who made this possible. It was a thrilling experience which I never thought was possible at the start of the year. We put on a show in front of everyone! My favourite bit about this squad is the passion, desire. We always have everyone’s back no matter the situation and unite as one. WE ARE FAMILY.

A special Thanks To:

Ms Stevenson, Ms Winder, Mr McAuliffe, Mr Elliott, Mr Belgrave, Mr Rayney for supporting us in the matches. Your work doesn’t go unnoticed. And last but not least the man that made this possible, Mr Ronan!


Emmanuel Ogunfuye (GK)

Emmanuel Obi (CB)

Jack White (CB)

Glodi (LB)

Oscar (RB)

Kai Nokoe (CB/CM)

Sol Gordon Matthew Liberos (CM)

Terry Brown (RW)

Peter Ntonye (LW)

Chuks Okoli (ST)

Charles (ST)

Noah (ST)


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