Photography Masterclass

Jul 5 2021

Yr 9 Photography were rewarded for their hard work by taking part in a Masterclass Photography lesson with famous celebrity photographer Jack Alexander. Jack is well known for photographing Ed Sheran, Dua Lipa, Little Mix, and many more in fact when he left us at Bonus Pastor he was going to a photoshoot for Vogue!

Jack gave a talk about working in the industry, how to start students could start their own business and shared special tips for portrait photography. Jack demonstrated his technique to our students and critiqued each group as they worked on photoshoots. Jack will be coming back to mark the students work and critique their portfolios on 12th July. Bonus Pastor would like to thank Jack Alexander for being so kind and generous with his time and sharing his story with our students.

Mrs Raymond

Head of Visual Arts & Creative Technology Department

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