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Jun 18 2021

The sky is the limit for our alumni!

As you know, we are continually sharing the success of our amazing alumni. I met with Thianna-May Campbell from the class of 2019 recently to hear her impressive story. Thianna-May is part of a programme called ‘Fantasy wings’ which is a development programme created with the intention of inspiring more young people from BAME backgrounds to get into aviation and therefore addressing the issue of lack of diversity throughout the industry. Thianna-May has always wanted to be a pilot and is making remarkable strides forward in this competitive field. We have decided to sponsor Thianna-May’s course and Thianna-May will be mentoring the next Bonus Pastor students when they are selected for the programme. If you are interested in working in the world of aviation then please get in contact with Ms Hill.

Visual Arts Shop

The Visual Arts Department launched their amazing online shop on Friday. The main aim of The Bonus Pastor Visual Arts Gallery Shop is to inspire our young artists and enable them to visualise how they could make a successful career in the Arts. Fifty percent of each item sold will go directly to the student and fifty percent will go directly to raising funds for the Visual Arts Department to continue to allow our students to express themselves creatively. Please check out the wonderful work on our website.

To read our full newsletter please click here: Pastorale-Volume-18-Issue-29.pdf

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