Y10 GCSE Photography Shoot to Beckenham Place Park

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May 24 2021

One word. Tranquil. Although the weather wasn’t in our favour the trip was still wonderful! Starting with the walk towards Beckenham Place Park which was relaxing then going to the Main Event being the photoshoot; being a true breathe of fresh air. An hour of just concentrated photography whilst walking and talking with some friends I was taking in all the beauty of nature; the birds chirping and occasional dogs baking it felt exhilarating after not being able to go on school visits for a while. All in all the trip was a much needed change in my school schedule.  

Taofeek Raji-Dabiri

Yr 10 Photography


Last week, a group of year 10 students (my year) took a trip to Beckenham Palace park. This was our first external trip since the COVID 19 pandemic and we made the most of it! We had a great photography photoshoot where we took vibrant pictures of all the scenery and buildings. During our lunch break it began to rain but this only made our images better. I am happy to know that we were the first class to go and a trip and I hope there shall be more soon.  

Malachi Campbell-Brown

Yr 10 Photography


During this half term I went on my first trip since Corona Virus struck in year 9. We went to Beckham Place Park and I conducted a photoshoot for my Yr 10 exam. Even though it was raining it added to photos and made it more interesting for example to rain made the leaves a glossier and gave it more of an atmospheric look. We made a giant canopy from our umbrellas and ate our lunch.  We took images of nature and the beauty that it offers. I enjoyed the trip immensely, it was something different and I hope to go on more school trips in the future. 

Gisele Mutaasa

Yr 10 Photography


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