Homework Timetables

Homework at Bonus Pastor

At Bonus Pastor, we set homework in all our year groups. This helps to prepare Key Stage 3 students for the study required for GCSEs and beyond, and ensures that our Key Stage 4 students are using their study time effectively and efficiently to gain the highest grades possible at GCSE.  

Obviously during lessons teachers monitor all students’ progress and offer them guidance on the different stages. Open questions encourage a range of responses and promote students’ creativity.  Homework supports and enhances this environment and we aim to set tasks which engage and challenge students to progress and achieve. Homework also;

You can read more about the Homework for specific year groups, and find the timetables for each year group by following the links on the left and below

Name Date File Size  
Year 7 Homework Timetable 26th Sep 2018114 KB Download
Year 8 Homework Timetable 26th Sep 2018101 KB Download