Work Experience for Year 10

Reminder for all Year 10 students and parents         


PARENTS MEETING Wednesday 29th January 2020 6.00pm

OWN FIND DEADLINE  Thursday 27th February 2020

 YEAR 10 WORK EXPERIENCE TEAM – Monday 6th July to Thursday 16th  July 2020

All students should be now actively looking for a work experience placement.  Remember to ask family and friends or any contacts they may know for a work experience placement, especially if there is a particular field you would like to work in. 

You could also put together a good letter and CV. The web has plenty of tips on how to do this.

· Research the background of each company you apply to. Showing you know the
business (briefly) might get you to the top of the pile.

· A covering letter should explain who you are and why you are interested in work
experience at that particular company.  If you're not sure of the tone of the letter, ask friends or a teacher to read it to see if it paints a good picture of you.

· A Curriculum Vitae helps employers decide whether you're suitable based on previous past jobs, qualifications and skills, like good communication, literacy, knowledge of ICT and flexibility.

Push your skills.  Examples are strong communication skills, literacy, ICT skills, working to deadlines, fitting in with new teams quickly.  Again, ask friends, family or a teacher for help if you’re not sure.

If you require any further details, please come and see me or alternatively you can always email me, especially if you need me to check any letters/ CVs.  If you secure a placement, please get the employer to complete an ‘own find’ form.  This you can collect from me or from Winlaton Reception.  Once you have received this back, please give to me. 

Remember competition for work experience can be tough, so remember to make a big impression!!!!



Many Thanks
Ms P. McMahon
Work Experience Co-ordinator