We stand together and commit to being part of the change

As we prepare for the safe phased return of Year 10 students I continue to be amazed by the strength and togetherness demonstrated by the Bonus Pastor community. In this edition of Pastorale you will continue to see our students expressing themselves through Art, Poetry and prayer.

I know the atrocious murder of George Floyd in America has made us all reflect on the far-rooted racism that still exists across our global society, and our individual and collective roles in tackling it.

At Bonus Pastor Catholic College, we stand together against systematic racism and individual bigotry that continues to take the lives of black men, woman and children around the world. We commit, with our students, to being part of the change.

I am very conscious that, for some of our pupils, the events that you are currently surrounded by will have had a profound and deeply troubling impact on you; we are here for you. We might be offering an education remotely, but our pastoral support continues, and we want you to use it. Please reach out to us directly if you need further support. 

Thank you to the staff of the school who have developed resources to help us discuss and reflect on current events through Google classroom. I have decided to commission a working group to consider further ways by which our education might more effectively lead the way in its celebration of difference and diversity. It will consist of current and past pupils, staff and governors as well as any of you who would be interested in joining.

As you may be aware the student leadership team had planned a fantastic cultural evening on the 19th March which had to be postponed due to lockdown. The team will undoubtedly get this reorganised when we are allowed to and they will all be invited to help me lead and develop this important working group.

In the mean time I am so proud of the mature and thoughtful responses I have received from students. I hope you and your families remain safe and well and I thank you for your continued support to the School during this difficult time.


God bless

Mr Ronan ~ Principal