The new student leadership team attend their first outing

The new Head Girl, Head Boy and deputies made their first outing as the student leadership team when they represented Bonus Pastor at the ‘Beginning of a New Year Mass’ at St George’s Cathedral on Tuesday 10th September.

Ms Delaney accompanied us on the trip and the group were lucky enough to see the Most Reverend Archbishop John Wilson’s give his first service in the diocese.

Heroes outside of Bonus

Congratulations to Llywella in Year 8 who successfully competed at the prestigious Sunshine Tours Show jumping competition on the 13th September. Lots of training and hard work saw Llywella qualify and compete at this Impressive level. Well done Llywella.

Extra curricular:

Please make sure you are checking the clubs timetable as there are a wealth of clubs taking place every night. If you would like any further information please contact the relevant Head of Department or club organiser.

Mr Ronan  ~ Principal