Catholic Ethos

“Bonus Pastor is a strong community, an honest college with fantastic students and staff.”

Our Catholic faith is fundamental to our work. This is a College where young people can develop and grow in their faith, and where they have the freedom to explore and the courage to ask questions.

Our values are alive in every aspect of College life as we celebrate the living Gospel and encourage our students to find God’s presence all around them. Religious education plays a central role in supporting our students’ moral and spiritual development. Within our college community, they have a unique opportunity to discover an adult understanding of what it means to be a Christian, and the role of religion in making sense of their lives.


Here at Bonus Pastor, encouraging and supporting the spiritual development of our students is a key part of life at the College; it is central to our Catholic ethos and our desire to educate the whole person. Our lay Chaplain works alongside other members of staff in helping our students to enter into, and deepen, their relationship with God, particularly through the daily prayer life of the College and the Retreat Programme.  She provides additional opportunities for students to meet together in small groups for prayer, meditation and reflection, and for students and staff to gather for morning prayer in the Chapel before the College day begins.  Our lay Chaplain is also available to meet with students on a one-to-one basis, and provides additional pastoral support for all members of the College.  

Daily Acts of Worship

The College day begins with an act of worship, either in Tutor Groups or at Year Group and House assemblies.  Prayer time in Tutor Groups will often be organised and led by the students themselves and all these times of prayer are related to our ‘theme of the week’ which links to the Catholic Liturgical Calendar.


The key Feasts and Seasons of the Church’s year are celebrated at liturgies which the students helps to prepare, including our Christmas Carol Service, Ash Wednesday Service and Easter celebrations. 

Each academic year begins with a Mass for our Year 7 and 11 students, and concludes with our Leavers Mass.  Every Year Group will also celebrate Mass together once a year with one of our local priests, and students have the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation during both Advent and Lent.

Retreats & Pilgrimages

All students participate in an annual retreat. The retreats are varied and range from three-day residential retreats for KS4 students to one-day away days for KS3 students. The one-day away days include visits to Aylesford Priory, with activities facilitated by the team from St. Vincent’s, our Diocesan Retreat Centre.  Another highlight in the calendar is our annual pilgrimage to Rome.

Faith in Action

In the Autumn Term, all members of the college are invited to donate items for our Harvest Appeal.  This year all donations were given to the ‘Ace of Clubs’ charity for homeless people.  During Lent, the College community raises money for one local, one national and one international charity.  In Lent 2017, we are pleased to support St. Christopher’s Hospice, Save the Children and CAFOD.