Food Technology

Miss K Johal (Food Technology Teacher and Head of Clitherow House) 

Food Collage

Food Technology at Bonus Pastor:

Our focus in food technology is not only to teach the students about what they eat and the importance of making better choices, but we also we want them to be confident in the kitchen with the ability to cook a variety of dishes independently, using the skills learnt in food technology and perhaps a love for a Food technology as well.


Food Technology at KS3:

Every student at Bonus Pastor gets to study two full terms in food technology as part of the DT rotation, they study 1 term in year 7 and a second term in year 8.

In year 7 we focus on Health & Safety in the kitchen, we also do a small range of dishes where we can work on our chopping skills and get to know how the equipment in the kitchen is used. We focus on team work, keeping things clean and how to clean the kitchen. We also briefly look at healthy eating.

When we come to our second term in year 8 we try to perfect some of the skills we learnt in year 7, cooking more complex dishes and take a much more in depth look at what we eat and how it can affect our bodies, we learn how to follow a recipe independently. We also look at the Eatwell guide and we show the students how to enjoy food without it always being an unhealthy option.


Food Technology at KS4:

We do not currently offer Food Technology at KS4, however are working towards this and hope to be able to offer a course at some point in the future. 



Students have access to a fully equipped Food Technology Lab, equipped with ovens, hobs and full range of equipment and utensils. 


Enrichment and Extra Curricular Activities:

We have recently started a Catering Club with a number of KS4 students and have begun catering for school events such as the Drama Production and Year 9/10 Showcase event. The club aims to replicate a professional catering environment, including the planning of menus, photography, costings, food preparation and cooking before serving it to the general public, helping show students that food technology and catering is more than just food preparation, giving them skills for employment, whilst also including students from a wider range of interests. 


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