Year 11 Employability Day


All Year 11 students take part in Employability Day in the Autumn Term.  For one day only students swap their uniform for business-dress and transform into young adults before our eyes! 

Throughout this invaluable careers-centred day students take part in a variety of employability tasks, including:

This year’s new and improved programme was a roaring success, and 95% of Year 11 students reported that they understood the working world better after their experience of Employability Day. 


Student Feedback

95% of students said that they understood the working world better after Employability Day

95% of students said that they had learned about jobs they had not heard of before

90% of students said that they were inspired by Bonus Pastor Alumni

91% of students said that Employability Day helped them to feel more confident to speak to business professionals

“Employability Day was amazing – a day full of learning and fun.  It has really helped me to realise my skills and potential and also taught me about the working world beyond school.”

“I loved Employability Day!”

“The alumni talks were inspiring.”

“I would’ve liked more time in the speed networking task, as I enjoyed it a lot.”


Employer Feedback

“I enjoyed the networking session, and was impressed with the effort the students put into it.  Starting with their handshake and how they presented themselves, to the questions they asked or avenues they followed up on.”

“I thought the event was excellent, so well organised in its run up and its execution and a joy to meet your year 11s. Every student that I met was well prepared and appeared to fully engage in the process, asking many pertinent and informed questions.”

“I felt inspired by the event and by Bonus Pastor’s initiative and programme. If only we’d had similar events when I was at school!”


If you would like to get involved, please contact Ms Hill (Leader of Careers and Transition) via email –