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Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers

At Bonus Pastor we are committed to ensuring that careers learning begins in the classroom and is woven through the curriculum.  Additional standalone careers events work to support this learning and address specific needs.  Please see attached for subject-specific examples of how we embed careers learning into the curriculum.  

Curriculum Leaders are encouraged to welcome employers into their lessons to support curriculum learning and take their students to visit workplaces where possible.  This, together with developing key employability skills, supports our students to be equipped for the working world.

There are numerous benefits to this approach, including:

  • Motivation -  students become aware of how their learning is relevant to the working world, and therefore why their lessons are important.
  • Inspiration – meeting with employers and visiting different workplaces provides students with experiences that they may not otherwise have had, and often inspires them to find out more in order to make informed decisions about their own futures.
  • Time – embedding careers learning into the curriculum means students do not lose lesson time in order to attend careers events.

Teachers are welcome to invite their own contacts into school, or ask Ms Hill (Leader of Careers and Transition) for support in sourcing suitable contacts.