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Anti Bullying Week 2019

Last week was National Anti-Bullying Week. Our very own anti-bullying ambassadors (ABAs) hosted a number of events to raise the profile of anti-bullying across the school.  A huge thank you to all of the staff and students who signed our anti-bullying petition – the ABAs spent cold and rainy morning on the gate collecting signatures and handing out leaflets to educate people about the definition of bullying the types of bullying that can happen and not to be a bystander.

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This year’s theme was ‘Change Starts with Us’.  ABAs sold purple wrist bands and gave out stickers featuring this slogan.  Lots of students helped to spread this message by writing it in chalk on the playground at both sites.

On Tuesday afternoon, a group of students from years 8-11 attended a special screening of the BBC documentary ‘Odd One Out,’ featuring Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson.  The effects of online bullying were discussed and the programme had a profound effect on us all. 

The ABAs even dined at Top Table on Friday with Simon Hughes, The Director of Southwark Diocese Education Commission.  They spread the word about the great work of the ambassadors and persuaded him to wear one of the wristbands.

A huge thank you to the ABAs who commit their time and support to educating students about anti-bullying.  They continue to ensure that anti-bullying is brought to the fore and we are proud to be a school where issues around bullying can be discussed openly. 

If you are concerned about any bullying related issues, please email stopbullying@bonuspastor.co.uk

Ms Stevenson

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