PSHE (Physical, Social and Health Education)


As a Catholic School, we recognise that the Physical, Social and Health Education for each individual students is extremely important. We take as a starting point the teachings of Jesus when he said:

“The greatest commandment is this: love the Lord your God with all your Heart and with all your Soul and with all your might. The second is: love your neighbour as yourself.”    Matt 2 v. 37 -38

As a Catholic School, we endeavour to live by these commandments as we believe that adhering to Jesus’ words helps to develop strength in both character and personality. This leads to deepening maturity as a young adult and helps to equip our students to become effective Catholic Citizens  - in whatever environment they find themselves in. 

We recognise that our students are part of a multi-cultural and diverse society with the huge metropolitan capital of London on our doorstep.  We therefore actively embrace these dual concepts; both by celebrating our culture and our Christian heritage as well as equipping our students for a world which may feel itself at odds with our core Catholic beliefs.


Spiritual & Moral Development

In following the precepts and teaching of the Catholic Church and the calling of Christ to be both Stewards and Servants in today’s world, we take every opportunity in the curriculum to embed these concepts.  The prayer life of the school is seen in action day by day with regular masses, assemblies and gatherings which give students time for personal reflection.

Students are actively encouraged to debate and examine their beliefs in relation to the wider issues of faith and other religions. This is not simply restricted to RE lessons but across the wider curriculum.

We seek to challenges all our students when it comes to demolishing stereo-types and encourage them to explore their own sense of identity. We desire that all our students have a sense of Well-Being and we provide space and time for students to reflect on their own emotional and Physical Health. We have an excellent Pastoral Team and if there are any issues or concerns, students can readily access within the school staff who will always seek to provide them the support they need whatever the circumstances.


British Values

Whilst we place our own Gospel Values at the fore in the life of the school, we also readily acknowledge the importance of British Values and their place in the life of the school.  These values include Democracy, the Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance. Whilst exploring these values through the curriculum of the school in a whole range of subjects, we also see these values at work in such practical ventures as:



Our assemblies also actively promote these values and each form class devises their own assembly focusing on key Social or Spiritual issues.

Well-Being and Emotional Health also form a core part of our community. Above all, we promote the active idea of becoming Catholic Citizens – young women and men called to a life of service and stewardship – in our school, our local community and the wider world. We ensure that all our students are enabled to engage with Culture in its diverse forms – here in London and through individual family heritage.  

Our PSHE Programme (Physical, Spiritual and Emotional health), allows us to explore with the students important issues such as:


All teachings in relation to SRE (Sex and Relationships Education) are within the context and content of the teaching of the Catholic Church.

We believe that our wide ranging PSHE programme here at Bonus Pastor will enable and empower our students in order that they may contribute positively to life in modern Britain.