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Throughout the course of the year Bonus Pastor get to recognise the incredible achievements of some of our pupils through the Jack Petchey Achievement Award scheme. Nominated by staff or fellow students, the winners are young people who have gone above and beyond to achieve, perhaps when others thought they might fail. The nominations do not necessarily just have to be based on academic achievement but may also be recognition of an outstanding team player, or for a student who has faced and overcome a personal challenge or a student who has pushed themselves outside their comfort zone. The winners receive a certificate, a medallion presented at an awards ceremony and a £250 school grant.


2019-2020 Winners:

Tye Stanislas 10EM Clitherow III

Tye ran for Head Boy and overcame personal challenges when addressing his year group and other peers. He has gained so much confidence over the last 3 years and is now Deputy Head Boy, a position that we know he will excel in!


Precious Nwaru 10SM Clitherow II

Precious has been a fantastic help for all of last year and has continued to be amazingly helpful whilst her Head of House was off, she as always, often went above and beyond many times, being a leader, organising events, presenting assemblies and maintaining our House ethos. She is a superstar in Clitherow House and we would have been lost without her recently.


Anastasia Dianellou 11PJB Fisher I

Despite starting GCSE Photography a year later than the students at Bonus Pastor, Anastasia has done everything she possibly could to catch up with the subject. Her target grade is a 6 and she is currently tracking an outstanding GCSE grade 9 (A**). She is always keen to know how she can further improve her work and consistently goes the extra mile to achieve her full potential in Photography. As well as producing her own work, she is the first person who offers to help others to achieve their best. She is a kind student who embodies the ethos of Bonus Pastor.


2018-2019 Winners:

Emilia Zajac 9AD Barton V

Emilia has demonstrated her excellence in Art GCSE; she is currently tracking a grade 7 for her coursework and is on track to achieve a grade 9 in Year 11. Emilia consistently places outstanding effort into all her artwork, she always tries to improve on her previous best and all homework is completed to an extremely high standard and is always handed in on time. Emilia has been given the role of lead learner within the Art classroom which enables her to help others improve the quality of their work; she is a polite, kind and caring individual who is an absolute pleasure to teach.

Tyrese Oyovwi 9DA Clitherow IV

Tyrese has made excellent progress in graphic design this year and has shown notable commitment to developing his work at home. Tyrese was not always particularly confident in KS3 art but has really embraced Graphic Design and its alternative approach to Visual Arts. Tyrese volunteered to help at open evening and always turns up to lesson ready to help set up and assist his classmates. I have been very impressed and genuinely proud of his work in year 9.

Siobhan Oladipupo 10AM More III

Siobhan has significantly improved her focus and attitude in year 10 and has shown great ambition in her photography work. She is forthcoming in asking for help and will often support other students in class too. She has a positive and respectful attitude and always comes in to lesson with a kind greeting. Her photography work is developing excellently and it is clear that she is aiming for top grades in year 11.

Teegan Wray 10PJB More V

Teegan has made a huge amount of progress since he started in art. He works hard, and has developed his own personal style, he is a quiet student, who endeavours to do well. Teegan really has pushed himself to overcome the things that he finds difficult, his artwork is really expressive, exciting, and individual. He is totally up to date with his coursework, and will always come after to school to check what he has to do.

 Jessica Obi 7JSH Barton V

Jessica is fantastic friend and she truly embodies the ethos of the school.  She selflessly helps her friend when she is unwell and ensures that she has everything that she needs, and can get from place to place; lesson to lesson.  She does all of this with a huge smile and unfaltering kindness.  It is lovely that she is recognised for her selfless attitude.

Daniela Cerna 11CH Clitherow III

Daniela is a lovely, hardworking, polite, caring, helpful young lady.  She looks out for other people and has great empathy. Daniela always works really hard at her studies and never gives up. Whilst she is very friendly and chatty with her peers she never ever disturbs lessons; Daniela very much is a model student.



Jack Petchy Achievement Award Winners

2018 Prize Giving

Congratulations to our Achievement Award winners from 2018 who attended the award ceremony in Catford Broadway Theatre which celebrated their achievements. Well done to Kingsley Dike, Oliwia Wnukowicz, Rachel Omavowan, Flavia Mensah, Emily D'Apice, Nicholas Okoth-Odida, Toyin Ariyo, Eamonn Clarke and Kirean Paterson.

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Jack Petchy Speak Out Challenge


Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge

Every year, thirty Year 10 students take part in an all day workshop with Jack Petchey trainers who help the students to develop their confidence speaking in front of a group and help them to express their thoughts with greater structure, clarity and logic. By the end of the day, each student had picked a topic they felt passionate about and had delivered a short speech to their classmates. We had speeches on everything from women in sport, understanding mental health, to being a middle child. Well done to everyone who took part in the day!

A particular well done to our four assembly finalists who put on an exciting assembly by performing their speeches in front of the entire year group; Ruth Johnson, Augustine Shaw, Flynn Cole and Esther Eka.

Finally, a massive congratulations to Ruth Johnson and Augustine Shaw who went on to represent Bonus Pastor at the Lewisham regional final at St 

Matthew’s Academy in May. Their speeches about the importance of humour and using your gifts were superb!

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