Art Textiles

GCSE Course structure Art Textiles

A GCSE in Art Textiles follows a specialised endorsed Art & Design course.

During a full GCSE in Art Textiles you'll do two coursework projects.

Using the work you have created during the course, you will need to present a portfolio of your best work for formal assessment. This should represent roughly 45 hours of work and will be worth 60 per cent of your final grade.

The remainder of your marks at GCSE (40 per cent) come from your Externally Assessed Exam. This is a project set by your examination board - Edexcel. You'll have time to create a body of preparatory work - in a sketchbook - before spending 10 hours on a final piece.

Both your coursework and Externally Set Exam will be marked in the same way, using four Assessment Objectives

How is Art Textiles marked?

Your work is assessed using four Assessment Objectives (sometimes called 'AOs'). The Assessment Objective are equally weighted, which means you get 25 per cent of your marks for each one. They are the same for both the coursework and the examination.

In each project, your sketchbook covers the first three Assessment Objectives, and the fourth is your final piece.

Below is a summary of the Assessment Objectives and the work you could include to cover these.

The four Assessment Objectives

Assessment Objective 1

Analytical and cultural understanding

Annotation of your drawings, written comments about the work of other artists or work you have done in the style of other artists.

Assessment Objective 2

Experimentation and development

Experimenting with a variety of materials, developing your work into designs for a final piece.

Assessment Objective 3

Recording ideas and observations

Initial notes and ideas about the theme, observational drawings and photographs.

Assessment Objective 4

Personal response

Your final piece based on the work you have done in your sketchbook.


The 2018/ 20019 Specification information for GCSE Art & Design : Art Textiles can be found at

Art Textiles KS 3


  • What is Art Textiles?
  • What careers are there in Art Textiles?
  • Analysing an Artist’s work who specialises in Art Textiles
  • Creating designs
  • Experimenting with a range of Art Textiles techniques such as weaving, tie-dye, fabric painting, fabric printing, stitch and embellishment
  • Creating a final piece