Extra Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities Timetable

At Bonus Pastor we offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities from a range of departments both at lunch times and after schools, aiming to provide opportunities, and meet the interests, of each and every pupil.

Students can attend as many clubs/societies as they wish and in doing so can tick off the following points on their BP Charter:

  • Attend a club from across the curriculum for an entire year
  • Be a member of Student Voice
  • Serve as a Prefect for a year
  • Represent the school at 1 sport for an entire season
  • Represent the school at 2 sports for an entire season
  • Completing Bronze Duke of Edinburgh
  • Completing Silver Duke of Edinburgh
  • Attend music group / band / club

The below timetable is guide of when these activities take place, however they are subject to change at the leading staff members discretion.

There is also a wide range of inter house activities that happen throughout the year ranging from sports to challenges that pupils can also participate in, see the House section of the website and House boards around school for more details.

There is also an extensive and detailed intervention timetable run by staff to support targeted year 11 students in all subjects, see the document attached.

Finally additional extra-curricular activities may arise over the course of the year such as rehearsals for drama productions, music concerts and showcase events. 

For a complete outline all of the extra curricular activities running this year please use the download on the right hand side.