Bronze Roll of Honour

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh   Bronze

Roll of Honour


The following pupils have completed their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award during their time at Bonus Pastor.

This involves them giving up an average of 1 hour a week for:


They have also completed a 2 day and 1 night camping expedition which they successfully trained for, planned and navigated themselves for over 6 hours per day, and survived independently camping for a night after carrying all of their own equipment.

2018 - 2019 Bronze Cohort:

  1. Tilly Booth Farmer
  2. 2) Sebastian Cardona  
  3. Kian Fitzpatrick   
  4. Stanley Jones
  5. Nicole Joyce Stoute
  6. Luis Makaj
  7. Ebony Mcpherson 
  8. Romey Quinn
  9. Jakub Rakoczy
  10. Hector Taguiang
  11. Calvin  Thevasagayam
  12. Emilia Zajac


2017-2018 Bronze Cohort:

Melissa Bucio: Who volunteered at Cancer Research, Completed 3 months and swimming and learnt Korean.

Karim Cole: Who volunteered at Sydenham Library, played Tennis and designed a website

Emily D’Apice: Who volunteered in her local library, went power walking, and learned how to care for animals.

Esther Eka: Who volunteered for Oxfam, learnt the Violin and went to the Gym

Angus Murray: Who volunteered for his local scout group, learnt how to cook and went cycling,

Fortune Musonda: Who volunteered for his local church, learnt how to cook and went to the gym,

Ania Musset: Who volunteered coaching dance at her dance school, danced herself, and learned the theory to pass her GCSE Dance exam,

Sarah Olatunbosun: Who volunteered in a local library, went power walking round her local community and learned Mandarin.

Daniel Orizu: Who volunteered in his church, played badminton outside of school and learned how to cook

Ella Reynolds: Who volunteered at Cadets helping out with the younger groups, played football and learned drill,

Matthew Scully: Who volunteered in a local charity shop, played football outside of school and learned how to cook,

Augustine Shaw: Volunteered for his church youth group, went to the gym and learned how to cook.


2017-2018 Bronze Cohort

  1. Chidubem Abaise
  2.  Jonathon Anegb
  3. Shaun Archibald
  4. David Awere
  5. Jessica Balancy
  6. Edgar Bell
  7. Daniella Boateng
  8. William Booth Farmer
  9. Thianna May Campbell
  10. Ellie Cole
  11. Michaela Coles
  12. Sofia Conti
  13. Nicole Crichlow
  14. Natasha Davis
  15. Kieran De La Cruz
  16. Joseph Dillion
  17. Berend Elshof
  18. Elias Fali Diez
  19. Aminata Fullah
  20. John Gaffney
  21. Claire Gainey
  22. Naomi Imarhiagbe
  23. Carl Joyce Stoute
  24. Sylvester Kamara
  25. Ciaran Kelly
  26. Veronika Kot
  27. Victor Kot
  28. Sung-Joon Lee
  29. Julian Littfass
  30. Sydney Louise McElroy
  31. Shaun Mongan
  32. Christian Mulhall Bittner
  33. Maxwell Nwaru
  34. Emmanuella Okonyia
  35. Rafael Olague
  36. Oluwapelumi Onasanya
  37. Arese Joe-Oshodi
  38. Daniel O’Sullivan
  39. Joseph O’Sullivan
  40. Thisaru Perera
  41. Reece Quinn
  42. Clarissa Ragrag DOFE 2
  43. Anthony Scully
  44. Phuan Tran
  45. Nicole Torres Chamba
  46. Chantell Webb
  47. Jakub Zajac