BBC News Day 2016

Students from Bonus Pastor visited BBC Broadcasting House last week to interview the broadcaster and presenter Chris Evans and be part of a number of events during the day as part of School Report 2016. Jasmine and Arese were on air to over 11 million people interviewing the host of BBC breakfast, Louise Minchin!

We also interviewed Chris Evans about the new series of Top Gear, his thoughts about his own career, and what advice he would give to budding journalists and producers (in fact the BBC is now employing more IT specialists than journalists to keep up with how people are now accessing the news).

Afterwards, students interviewed the Director General and Head of News about their roles at the BBC and were given a private tour of all the buildings, galleries, radio stations and studios.

Many thanks to Jasmine and Arese, they had to deal with a number of last minute changes to the schedule and were the ultimate professionals throughout – this was certainly an exciting opportunity for them, but I think this also shows how the BBC not only provides opportunities for journalists and presenters, but many people behind the scenes who work in many different roles. Well done.

You can listen to one of the interviews at this address: the other will be on the Bonus Pastor school report 2016  webpage from next week.

Jasmine Currie:

We had to be at school at 6:15 in the morning! So I had to wake up at 5:00 for that to happen. Naturally, I was late so I had to get dressed and rush out of the house, I didn’t even have breakfast. I met Mr. Young and Arese outside Winlaton and we walked swiftly to the train station, where we were told that we had the opportunity to interview Louise Michim on air, so whilst waiting for the train we practised our questions. We arrived at Oxford Circus at 8:00 and it was buzzing. When we got there we had to verify who we were and got BBC School Report badges. Shortly after we had done that, we were introduced to a woman with a film crew she wanted us to have a quick filmed interview about the day ahead.  Chris Evans was very tall and had a firm handshake  but he was very comforting and friendly then, we were told to sit down in the seats and put on the special headphones so we could hear everything that was going on. At first I was nervous but I was really excited. We spoke to Louise and she answered our questions fully and after that we were invited to sit behind the glass while he carried on with the show. We were later told that 11 million people listened to us on air. After that we sat in the lounge and played the same piano that Elton John wrote the Lion King songs on. We then interviewed Chris Evans himself he was really nice and answered the questions as best as he could.

Arese Joe-Oshodi

We had a personal tour of the BBC studios after the interview and met lots of people who did different jobs at the BBC. It was really interesting seeing all of the different technical parts of what went into producing a news programme and all of the other things that they do. It was really cool seeing radio 1 and the live lounge studios in particular. Broadcasting house is massive and we got lost a number of times. Also, there were other seminars that included how to produce a quality edited piece of film on your smartphone and we worked with many different crew members who were putting together a documentary about school report.