BBC News Day 2014

BBC News Report - 3rd April

Prior to the Easter holidays, Year 8 students took part in the School Report Project with the BBC.BBC5

This is an annual event that allows students to plan, write and present their own news broadcast based on stories they had researched during the day. Students work with BBC journalists and cameramen to deliver this project using the College’s new equipment and green screens, it was also the first time that we had students recording the programme.

Students worked hard to meet deadlines and write concise stories,
mimicking conditions in a real studio. Students were also presented with certificates by Steve Walker, our BBC representative, at the end of the day.

Well done to all Year 8 students involved and to Sean Bermingham from Year 9 who was on hand to help also.

Mr. Young
English Department

Student Comments

BBC1On the 3rd of April I took part in a project  for BBC school report. The day started with a meeting about who was on what team. I was out in the breaking news team and was told to research global breaking news and find the best stories we had a deadline of 2 hours. Steve walker and associate with the BBC came into our school to help me and my fellow classmates with the stories, filming and overall giving us an experience that we would remember, as he was a well-known cameraman and editor.

After we found our stories and got a script together it was time to film! I worked in the control room making sure the autocue was running smoothly. While other students were on camera and others controlling the cameras. Everyone participated and the day was very interesting; it allowed me to see what happens behind the scenes at a BBC news report.

I had a great experience taking part in the BBC school report and enjoyed taking part.

By Annabell Gomez

On Thursday 3rd of April I participated on the BBC school news report project. Firstly we were split into groups breaking news, entertainment, sport and weather. I was in the breaking news team along with some other people in my year; we had to research on different websites and newspapers on recent stories that would appeal to a teenager audience. We were very fortunate to have Steve Walker help us and give us advice about which stories we should take on board and which ones we should leave out. Eventually we all gathered a script for us to perform the news including the other stories such as Entertainment, Sports and weather.

Later on the day we got to experience being in the new school TV studio were we got perform our school news report. The experience was absolutely amazing but yet it was also very stressful because we had to make sure everything was working such as cameras, microphones and sound. It did take a lot of time to get the finish draft done but we managed it at the end.

So overall I enjoyed the BBC news report project and hopefully I can get to do something like this again.

By Nicole McCarthy

On Thursday 3rd April, Steve Walker worked with a group of students on news reports, so that it would increase their amount ofBBC4 knowledge on reporting news; teamwork; technology in the studio and so on, as well as giving them an experience to remember. This project is in connection with the BBC.  Steve Walker operated well, ensuring our
understanding of the project, and providing advice in different situations such as actually talking in front of the camera. Moreover,
before any of the students could even begin to report news, groups had to be formed to give more flexibility in terms of searching and finding news stories. This improved our
abilities to work faster. There were several groups created with different categories including breaking news, sport, entertainment and weather. Once each group had there news stories, an editorial meeting took place. However there were deadlines to meet putting a little pressure on students. After this the stories were written up, as a script for students to speak. Doing this enabled students to move on to working in the studio which was a memorable and useful experience. Personally it influenced my opinion of BBC news reporting in a good way. So conclusively I enjoyed working with Steve and talking to the camera, it was great fun.

By Monay Thomas

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Mandarin school outsideBBC News Report - March 14th 2014

Last Saturday a group of Year 8 students visited a Chinese Mandarin school in Croydon to learn a little more about why it is that the Chinese language is becoming more widely
studied in this country. Students, parents and teachers were interviewed and this will form part of the 2014 BBC School Report.

Student Comments

In order to prepare for the interviews we had to think about the questions we were going to ask. I had to think about how to respond to answers or how to look in front of the camera. We also had to research China and the growing influence that it has. It was fun to interview students our age learning Chinese.

Darius OkochaMandarin school interview

On Saturday the 8th march myself and a few classmates went to visit a Chinese Mandarin School in Croydon that takes place every Saturday. We were asked to interview some of the students as part of the BBC School Report project. I was chosen to interview the younger students with ages from around 4-10 it was a great yet hard experience as I was sometimes lost on what to say and how to say it. The students cooperated very well making it a lot easier when we had to retake the interview a couple of times. I always thought interviewing people would be the easiest thing in the world but it requires a lot of skill. Overall I enjoyed the experience.

Annabel Gomez

When we had to interview the students, parents and teachers it was hard as I had to come up with more questions on the spot and I had to engage with lots of different people. I learned so much about reporting, it’s not the easiest job but I enjoyed it.

Ayo Idaomi