Homework at KS3

Homework at Bonus Pastor in Key Stage 3

At Bonus Pastor, we set homework in all our year groups. This helps to prepare Key Stage 3 students for the study required for GCSEs and beyond, and ensures that our Key Stage 4 students are using their study time effectively and efficiently to gain the highest grades possible at GCSE.  

Obviously during lessons teachers monitor all students’ progress and offer them guidance on the different stages. Open questions encourage a range of responses and promote students’ creativity.  Homework supports and enhances this environment and we aim to set tasks which engage and challenge students to progress and achieve. Homework also

The structure:

For each homework task, students will receive clear instructions (copied into their planner), or a task sheet (in their subject book) or a separate booklet. For homework over 1 hour the student will get information on the key learning objectives and outcomes. Stimulus material can also provide students with a context for learning.

Tasks will be staged over one or two weeks, and will include a variety of activities, including:

Students will be given opportunities to acquire and practice study skills. The homework task may be linked to learning already done in lessons or as preparation for an upcoming area of study. Extension tasks will be provided to challenge gifted and talented students to enhance their learning further.

Homework Timetables

All students in Years 7 and 8 are set homework tasks in nearly all subjects. Some of these will be short weekly tasks, and some of them longer tasks over a few weeks (known in the College as Independent Learning Tasks or ILTs).  The short tasks are expected to take about 30 minutes for Year 7, and about 40 minutes for Year 8.  We encourage our students to work in a quiet environment away from distractions and if possible in an area set aside for their learning.

Homework will be set during the students normal timetabled lessons.  Different subjects will set homework as follows:

The following subjects will set weekly homeworks lasting approximately 30 -40 minutes: RE, EnglishMathsScienceGeographyMusic and IT

Modern Foreign Languages (French / Spanish) – 1 short homework each week (to be completed the same week)

Music and Art – 1 intermediate homework (approximately 1 hour) each fortnight (to be completed over a fortnight)

History, Drama and DT will set ILTs each half term lasting 2 to 3 hours to complete. 

You can see a fully detailed timetable of the
homework set by following the links on the left.

In any one period of two weeks, students will have major learning tasks in three subjects: Maths and two other subjects. This means that students will have no more than 3 or 4 subjects to cope with. 

By timetabling like this for each ILT or homework parents are better informed about which subjects are being studied and about the objectives, activities, outcomes and assessment criteria.

Students may be given extra homework tasks which are not timetabled above. These may be tasks for individual students or set across a whole class or year group.  These could include:

Marking and Criteria of Homework

For most subjects, teachers will mark, assess and return work within two weeks of completion.

National Curriculum levels are awarded for the ILTs (the longer and project homework) and will be reported in the full written reports issued during the year.

The criteria for assessment will be clear and shared with students and parents.  Some homework or ILT’s will require students to make a presentation or performance to the class which will be assessed by the teacher and in some cases by students themselves (Peer Assessment). In other cases, teachers will mark completed ILTs or homework and give feedback to the whole class and/or individual students (if appropriate).  Comments from the teacher could include

Students’ homework will be monitored by the Heads of Department in each subject area.  We will let you know promptly if your son/daughter fails to submit tasks, or does so to an unacceptable standard, by letter or by email if you are signed up to ParentMail2.

We appreciate your support in ensuring that your son or daughter submits all homework on time and to the standard of quality that you know your child is capable of.