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The Lewisham Schools Book Quiz

This year Bonus Pastor hosted the Lewisham Schools Book Quiz.  Teams from secondary schools across Lewisham participated, answering questions on a whole range of book topics.  Although we didn’t win, our students had a very enjoyable morning representing the college.


The Lewisham Schools Book Award

The Lewisham Book Award is an annual event and this year St Matthew Academy were the host.  9 students from year 7 and 8 were placed in a team with students from other schools across the borough.  The Lewisham Book Award is a reading challenge and to participate students were required to read 5 specially selected books.  On the day, in their teams, the students were given one of the books they have read and were asked to put together a PowerPoint presentation; the objective to persuade bookshop buyers to order copies of their book.

All our students worked incredibly hard and all presentations were a very high standard. We were successful again this year with two of our Year 7 students members of the winning team.

Lewisham Book Award - 1st place team       Lewisham Schools Book Quiz Year 8


World Book Day

Celebrating world book day is an annual event at Bonus Pastor.  Leading up to World Book Day itself, all our Year 7 and 8 students participate in a book quiz competing in teams in their Houses.  The quiz was hugely competitive this year with only a couple of points separating many of the teams.  In third place this year was Barton House with 379 points, in second place with 408 points Campion House and a very well done to Gwyn House who with a total of 420 points were the recipients this year of the Inter House Quiz Cup.

WBD quiz_winning team Year 7           WBD quiz_winning team Year 8

WBD quiz_winning house 2019

On World Book Day itself our Year 7 students get together for a special assembly to celebrate the day and the importance of reading.  It is a fun day for us but we also look at what the World Book Day organisation achieve around the world providing books to communities who may only have a few books or even no books at all and how they aim to enrich, improve and change the lives of children.

Year 7 students also have an opportunity to dress up as a book character of their choice.  This year students came dressed in some amazing costumes with the best book character costume from each house going through to a grand final.  Well done to the following students who were the overall winners.

Barton                  Thomas dressed as Gandolf

Campion              Sasha dressed as the Golden Ticket

Clitherow              Roberto dressed as Willy Wonka

Gwyn                    Solange dressed as Dr Jekyl & Mr Hyde

Fisher                   C J dressed as the Madhatter

More                     Johann dressed as Mike Tivee


Book character finalists


2017 - 2018        

March 2018

          World Book Day 

I am so pleased we were able to reschedule our World Book Day celebrations and assembly with many of our Year 7 students braving rather wet weather instead of snow and coming into college dressed as a book character; the costumes were amazing.

Mr Cann & Mr Young were the judges of the book character competition this year and they had some very difficult decisions to make.  Students were judged in their Houses and twenty six students made it into the final of the competition.  A huge well done to the following students who were the ultimate winners:


Our annual Book Quiz took place just before World Book Day with all Year 7 and 8 students participating and competing for the Inter House Quiz Cup.  Over 60 teams took part and every point mattered.  Barton House, Team 1 were triumphant in the Year 7 quiz with Clitherow House, Team 1, the Year 8 winning team.

The points from both quizzes were added together and this year with a total of 412 points, Gwyn House were presented with the Inter House Quiz Cup.