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Numeracy Challenge

If you would like to test your numeracy skills, along with your maths skills, the National Numeracy Challenge have set up a great website!

Log in for free and take a fun “test” to find out what you excel in, and areas that you can review and strengthen using the online resources provided for you.

Ms Domarecka

Literacy Update-March

A big WELL DONE to our Literacy Champions on leading a Year 7 assembly on the importance of the correct use of grammar when writing. They have more plans to deliver a follow up assembly on reading to both Year 7 and 8 next week too! My thanks goes to them for giving up their time and for supporting literacy.

On March 22nd the sun shone brightly on me as I joined crowds of people gathered at Victoria Park, East London, dressed up as ‘Where’s Wally’, to run  a 5 km race to raise money for ‘The National
Literacy Trust’.

Here I am waiting nervously at the start of the race …


…and at the end with my daughter and my medal! It was great to be part of a big event supporting the importance of Literacy.

Thank you to all my sponsors.

Literacy Update-April

Next week marks the first ever ‘Literacy Week’ here at Bonus Pastor and our focus is on reading. The message we will be giving to all our students is a clear and simple one... Read to Succeed



Please support this message at home and spend some time reading with your son or daughter. You may wish to share a favourite author, newspaper article or even subject texts sent home. Pick out unknown or tricky words and discuss the genre or purpose of the text. This is a guaranteed way to ensure your son or daughter’s success at GCSE level…even if they are only in year 7 and 8 now!

(Please see the Literacy Handbook for parents on our website -under Literacy- for further ideas to
support your child’s learning at home.)

Mrs Ryan
Literacy Coordinator


Literacy Update

Bonus Pastor Charter  Year 7 & Year 8 Students

I am writing this with the sunlight blazing through my window. Summer has burst its way through this week. (Phew! What a Scorcher!) And now that Summer has arrived, this is the perfect time to complete some more tasks on the Charter! Just remember to provide the evidence and hand it on to Mr. Manning in Churchdown or Mrs. Howard in Winlaton.  I know that some of the Year 8 students went to various places over the Easter Holiday and we look forward to reading them.

Below is an article written by Adesuwa Ogiesoba  in Year 8 who is a Literacy Champion and she helped to present a recent assembly on Literacy to the whole of Year 7.  She has earned herself Certificate number 11: Act as a Leader in some other capacity other than Prefect or House Captain. (Ade is a Literacy Champion.)

Literacy Champion Assembly

On Wednesday 18th March, I participated in a Literacy Champion Assembly presented to the Year 7’ students and Mr Manning.The assembly was about Literacy being the Key to success and unlocking your potential.

We spoke to the Year 7’s through a PowerPoint slide created by our Literacy Coordinator Mrs Ryan encouraging them to go over and check their work for spelling mistakes, use punctuation in their work, try to be accurate when using homophones when writing in past and present and last but not least, remember to Read!

The key parts in our assembly were:

1. Checking your work- Punctuation & Homophones

2. Accuracy when writing in the Present & Past Tense

3. Grammar Matters

4. Remember to READ!

We went through the key parts and explained them clearly. The point we were trying to get across is Literacy is very important and will help you in ALL your subjects. I was very proud to stand up in front of over 145 students and represent Literacy in Bonus Pastor.

By Adesuwa Ogiesoba
8LB-Literacy Champion