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Year 7 day trip to Boulogne-Sur-Mer May 2019


After an early start – we left school at 4.30 in the morning! – the party of 70 pupils and 7 staff made their way by coach to Dover to catch our ferry to France.  After a calm crossing we made our way to Boulogne to visit the old walled town.  Pupils were able to practise their French when ordering sweets, drinks, ice creams and candy floss.

After this we boarded our coach to visit a local Boulangerie at Wierre Effory to seen how bread and croissant were made.  The bakery has a wood burning oven to make artisan loaves and as well as electric ovens. The bread and croissant making process were explained to us in French and pupils translated.  We always receive a warm welcome from the bakery and we departed with a croissant and a pain au chocolat each. Délicieux!

Our final stop of the day was Cité Europe for an opportunity to go shopping and buy gifts before boarding the coach for the ferry home.

Boulounge 1                    Boulounge 3

Boulounge 4                    Boulounge 6

Boulounge 5



Paris Residential 2019 


Students arrived bright and early ready for the long coach journey to Paris. After a quick crossover through the Channel Tunnel we were on our way through France and headed for Paris and a few days of fun, culture and sun!

After arriving at our accommodation we headed into the centre of Paris for a trip along the Seine, soaking up the sun on the Bateau Mouche, taking in some of the sights in Paris including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral.



20190710_202626   DSC03160



Another early start and lots of very sleepy students got back on the coach ready to head to Disneyland for a day in the park. Fun was had by teachers and students alike, spending the day going on rides, enjoying the parades and being out in the sun!



DSC03227                        DSC03220
After a long day at Disney you would think the students would be exhausted, but no! As we arrived back at our accommodation they headed out to the field to run around, play football, sing, dance, have races and even roll around on the grass (Endurance!).
After yet another exhausting day we had yet another early start as we boarded the coach to start our long journey home. Along the way we visited more of Paris' main attractions. After hiking up many, many stairs (which of course the students did without a single protest!) we made it to Montmartre Cathedral, the highest point in Paris. After a quick stop in Carrefour and a final opportunity for some shopping we were on our way home, exhausted but happy after yet another successful Bonus Pastor trip to Paris.







Bruges Trip 2018 


It cannot be denied that our annual reward trip to a Christmas Market is favourite amongst our KS4 MFL students. This year we went to the Christmas Market in Bruges, the capital of West Flanders in northwest Belgium. Students and staff enjoyed walking through the Old Town and treating ourselves to the delights a freezing cold Bruges has to offer. We usually travel by coach and use the Eurotunnel to cross the English Channel, this quick journey gives us plenty of time for a well-deserved shopping trip at the end of a busy school term.  Students spend the day with their friends and practising their language skills. They explore what the different shops and stalls have to offer, and are blown away by the enormous variety of Chocolatiers and their tasty chocolates. It goes without saying that we are looking forward to visiting another Christmas Market in the next academic year, we are pleased to announce that this time we are planning to go to Lille!

Bruges Trip 2


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