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Maths Festival 2019


On Tuesday 25th of June a group of Year 9 students attended the IMA Festival of Mathematics and its Applications at the University of Greenwich. They had a great time and really enjoyed the day!

‘During my time at the Greenwich Maths Festival, I learnt that maths is needed on a daily basis even if you don’t notice it. Also I learnt how maths is used to design clothes and jewellery. Overall I enjoyed the trip not only because I was with my friends but I was also learning with them.’

Marie Esber 9AD

‘On the trip to Greenwich we learnt about Newton’s first law. We sat in a room and watched some cool experiments for example the lecturer managed to spin a building tool on a pointy edge and balanced if perfectly for over 20 seconds which was very thrilling and exciting. It was great to see the power of Science and Mathematics in action.’

Nathan Jones 9AD

‘On the maths trip we learned about probability in real life situations. We also played games such as splat. My favourite part was learning about Newton’s law, including momentum and velocity.’

Stephanie Danso 9AW

‘The first lecture we had was about fake statistics in the News. The second one told us how maths is incorporated in fashion and when creating new things. I really enjoy the trip to the Maths Festival as it was interesting and informative.’

Grace Onyumbe 9BC

Maths Festival


Brilliant Club Graduation at Cambridge University 2019

In February the Brilliant Club visited the University of Cambridge for their graduation event. Our year 9 and 10 students worked very hard with their PhD tutor, having weekly seminars and even a 2000 word essay to hand in which was graded like a university style paper!

All 12 students passed the course and you can see them with their graduation certificates below. During the day they also had the opportunity to experience life as a university student. They had a University campus tour around the library, the student dorms and the student union.                                                                                                                                     Mrs Hilton

Brilliant Club 2019 1


Secondary Count on Us Challenge 2019


Our year 8 and 9 students have been involved in the Secondary Count on Us Challenge this year! It is a maths competition funded by the Mayor of London to encourage young Londoners to have a keen interest in maths.

The challenge involves competing against other schools in four areas! The four rounds include, puzzling geometry, de-coding algebra, human hex puzzle and a quick arithmetic round. Our students have been practising and did very well!

Secondary Maths Challenge


Junior Maths Challenge Success


30 Year 7 students recently took part in the UK Junior Mathematical Challenge, taking a 1 hour paper in April.  The Junior Challenge is aimed at students in year 8 and below and it encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems.  It is the UK's most popular mathematics national competition with over 300 000 students taking part each year.

Students at Bonus Pastor achieved 6 Silver and 6 Bronze in this year’s Junior Maths Challenge with the top 6% receiving gold, the next 13% silver and the next 21% bronze.

Maths Challenge 2019

Congratulations to our medal winners for this year’s challenge:

Well done to all of the year 7’s who participated in the Maths Challenge. 

Can you answer a question from this year’s paper

On Aoife’s 16th birthday, Buster was three times her age.  On Aoife’s 21st birthday, how old was Buster?

A  32                      B  48                       C  53                       D  63                      E  64

Ms Jones

Subject Leader of Mathematics


Maths Inspiration Trip 2018 - 2019

On Tuesday 27th Nov, a group of year 11's visited the Savoy Theatre to see the Maths Inspiration talks.  Maths Inspiration is a national programme of interactive maths lectures for 15 - 17 year olds.  Where students are given the chance to experience the UK's most inspiring maths speakers live in presenting mathematics in the context of exciting, real-world applications in mathematics.  The interactive show featured mathematicians, engineers and statisticians who through their talks were also able to open the students eyes to careers that they may not have considered before.

See what the year 11's had to say about the show...

'the lecture was inspirational'

 'it was exciting and funny'

 'I would recommend it to other pupils'

'They used examples which involved the audience'

 'I though the talks demonstrated how maths is incorporated into our everyday life'

'I especially thought the centripetal force theory was interesting, as I am going on to study Physics as well'

' I found it informative'

'It made me reassess my views on maths in general'

'I learnt how maths can really affect technology and business such as McDonalds in 2003'

'I enjoyed the boomerang guy'

'Topics such as probability and music'

'The three speakers demonstrated the fundamentals of maths and physics and further enriched my knowledge'

Maths Inspiration 2018