The Charter Tasks

The Bonus Pastor Charter

Each student at Bonus Pastor will need to achieve the following in order to attain the accreditation of this award:

To complete the Bonus Pastor Charter Award, you need to complete 20 activities in Years 7 – 10.

Beyond that completing 25 activities will earn you the Bronze Award, 30 activities will earn you the Silver, and 35 activities the Gold Award.

Across the Curriculum: 

  1. Visit an Art Gallery or Exhibition
  2. Visit a Museum or Historical Site
  3. Visit the Houses of Parliament in London  
  4. Write a letter to your local MP/Meet with the local MP
  5. Participate in a STEAM Activity (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths)
  6. Belong to a club for a whole year e.g. Chinese Club, Science Club, History Society, Geography Futures, Art Scholars etc.
  7. Achieve Bronze Award in the Library Reading Challenge
  8. Achieve Silver or Gold Award in the Library Reading Challenge

House System: Participate in:

  1. All House Feast Days
  2. An Inter House Sport Event
  3. 3 different Inter House Sport Events
  4. Achieve 300 House Points in 1 year
  5. An Inter House Challenge Event e.g. Chess/Oware etc.
  6. 3 different Inter House Challenge Events e.g. Spelling Bee
  7. 2 House social activities e.g. film night, board game café etc.
  8. Act as a leader other than Prefect e.g. House Captain, Sports Captain, Fundraising Captain, Y7 Buddy etc.


  1. Be a Prefect
  2. Achieve 97% punctuality
  3. Achieve 97% attendance
  4. Be a part of Student Voice
  5. Be nominated for Top Table               
  6. Help with a primary school event
  7. Carry out a recognised act of Citizenship
  8. Present an assembly to your House or Year     
  9. Write an article for Pastoral or the School Website
  10. Help out a school event in some capacity e.g. Open Evening,


  1. Participate in a Sports Day Event
  2. Help with a Primary School Sports Festival
  3. Represent the school at sport across the whole season
  4. Represent the school at 2 different sports across the whole season

Faith in Action:

  1. Attend all RE Retreats
  2. Serve/read in Mass or a Liturgy
  3. Contribute to the Harvest Giving
  4. Take part in a Charity Event to raise money
  5. Be a member of the Student Chaplaincy Team
  6. Lead a group of students or visitors in prayer or worship
  7. Contribute to collective worship through Music in Liturgies or Mass
  8. Contribute to collective worship through Drama in Liturgies or Mass

Trips and Residentials:  

  1. Attend a residential trip
  2. Attend a school visit for a day
  3. Attend a foreign residential trip
  4. Complete Bronze Duke of Edinburgh
  5. Complete the Silver Duke of Edinburgh
  6. Attend 5 different school day educational visits

Music and Drama: 

  1. Visit the Theatre / Concert
  2. Learn to play an instrument in school
  3. Perform or Assist in a Musical Concert
  4. Act/Perform/Assist in a Showcase Event
  5. Act /Perform/Assist in a School Production
  6. Participate in an extracurricular music project
  7. Participate in a music club/group e.g. Choir, Band
  8. Perform/Act/Assist in a performance outside and beyond school

Beyond Bonus:

  1. Achieve the First Aid / CPR Award
  2. Volunteer within the Local Community
  3. Complete a BPP (Bonus Personal Project)
  4. Get an outstanding Work Experience Report
  5. Take care of, and improve the natural environment
  6. Attend a club, society or team outside of school for a year e.g. Cadets, Scouts, Football Team etc.
  7. Make a contribution to the Local Parish e.g. Readers, Alter Servers, Choir
  8. Visit a College, University or attend a lecture held by an outside professional (e.g. Dulwich, Bromley High, Bromley College)