Clitherow House

ClitherowClitherow House

St Margret Clitherow (1556-1586) was a wife and mother.

She was a Protestant that later in life converted to Catholicism. She stood strong in her beliefs and ended up dying for them.

She stood firm and protected her children form the trauma of a trial and was tortured for this.

House Feast Day

Her feast day is celebrated on 26th March

House Leader

Ms K Johal

House Colour





House Motto

Where ever you passion goes, your energy flows

The House Statement

Clitherow House encourages all of its students to promote the attitudes and values displayed by Saint Margret Clitherow throughout her life. Some of which include having strength in her beliefs. Standing proud and being fearless. She showed determination in the face of adversity. Always taking pride in everything she did.

The House Prayer

We pray to you St Margaret Clitherow to help us be courageous and unwavering in our Faith.  We pray that we will be like you and be the models of care and love to the Lord, Margaret Clitherow, pray for us

The House Litany


All you Holy English Martyrs pray for us
Blessed Elizabeth Barton pray for us
St Edmund Campion pray for us
St Margaret Clitherow pray for us
St John Fisher pray for us
St Richard Gwyn pray for us
St Thomas More pray for us