Barton House

BartonBarton House

Blessed Elizabeth Barton (ca 1506 – 20th April 1534) also known as the Holy Maid of Kent

Elizabeth Barton was an English servant girl until she became a nun in 1525.  She was martyred by being hanged for Treason in 1534.  She is the only nun to ever be executed in England.


House Feast Day

 Blessed Elizabeth Barton's feast day is celebrated on 8th May

House Leader 

Ms M Arias - Hoyos

House Colour





The House Motto

Courage is the Key that opens every door

The House Statement

Barton House encourages all of its students to promote the attributes and values displayed by Blessed Elizabeth Barton throughout her life. These include the courage, determination and honesty to speak out about what you feel is right, even when met with opposition.  We expect all students in Barton House to show respect to all House members and show a strong sense of commitment to the School ethos and encourage all house members in their journey through life at Bonus Pastor Catholic College.

The House Prayer

We pray to you Blessed Elizabeth Barton, Holy Maid of London, Nun of Kent, to help us speak out against injustice and be true to our Catholic faith, Blessed Elizabeth Barton, Pray for us.

The House Litany

All you Holy English Martyrs pray for us
Blessed Elizabeth Barton pray for us
St Edmund Campion pray for us
St Margaret Clitherow pray for us
St John Fisher pray for us
St Richard Gwyn pray for us
St Thomas More pray for us