Examination Subject Photography
Examination Qualification GCSE
Examination Board Edexcel
Tiers of Entry Single

Course Content:              

Photography is an exciting creative, visual art subject that uses modern technology. You will learn how to take digital photographs using SLR cameras. You will develop photographic skills such as composition, light, movement, colour and balance. These observation photographs will be mounted into your ‘Photography Sketchbook’. You will be taught how to analyse artists and photographers work and use this knowledge to develop your own ideas. The majority of the work is on the computer and you will learn how to use Photoshop.

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Photo shoots on location in London will take place in yr10 and yr11. There are lots of opportunities to enter competitions and have your work displayed in local exhibitions, restaurants, libraries, theatres and galleries.

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Assessment of Course

The GCSE course is made up of:

Unit 1 :            Coursework projects worth 60% of your final grade

Unit 2 :            Exam  worth 40% of your final grade

Assessment Objectives:

You will be assessed on the following criteria

Coursework details: Unit 1

All students are required to keep Photography sketchbooks for each of their coursework projects.  75 / 100 marks will be awarded for sketchbook work. The sketchbook must contain evidence of:

A final big piece will be awarded 25 /100 marks

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Unit 2 External Exam project will be sent from the exam board and handed to students in February of Year 11. Students will have eight weeks to prepare their photography sketchbook. Students will have two days to make their final big piece after Easter in Year 11.

Progression from this examination:

Careers Information:

Games Designer, Animation & Film, Web Designer, Documentary Photographer, Fashion Photographer, Artist, Advertising, Architecture, Graphic Artist, Television and many more.

Further Information:             Please see Mrs Raymond, Head of Visual Arts

You can also download a PDF of this information from this page