BBC News Day 2015


This year School report day will be Thursday 10th March 2016, please check back for further events.

Heidi Alexander MP Interview

Prior to the Easter holidays, students from Year 8 interviewed our local MP, Heidi Alexander, to ask her a range of questions based about politics in general and how the General Election outcome will effect young people. Our reporters were excellent and asked lots of interesting and important questions. The election is going to be the closest for many years and young reporters gained a real insight into how parliament and democracy works. Well done to Arese Joe-Oshodi, Maisie Anderson, Dominik Weglarz, Melissa Broomfield and Jasmine Currie.

Heidi Alexander Interview 1      Heidi Alexander Interview


Heidi Alexander Interview March 2015


BBC News Report - March 2015

School Report 6Last week, budding journalists and reporters visited the BBC’s Broadcasting House to take part in School Report’s Radio debates. Below are a selection of comments from school reporters, especially interesting was learning about how the BBC is changing its output and facilities to meet the demands of 21st century broadcasting. All students represented Bonus Pastor fantastically, and asked questions of Robert Peston, the economics editor, and that of prospective MPs hoping to be part of 2015s intake. Well done for a successful day.

We interviewed two prospected MPs and Robert Peston, Business Editor for BBC News. You might find  it interesting to know that most of the audience thought that you shouldn't vote but the panellists said it was important. The panellists then said how it was one of the most important ways for young people to get there voice heard. The first question asked of the panel was from me, ‘do young people get their views swayed by their parents?’ Most of the panellists answered no using themselves as an example. They had a few short reports from the past like world war two and a few years ago. And I think convinced the audience that voting was important.

Sean Hayes-Idowu

We had two debates, one was on politics and one was on the future of the radio. The Radio 1 presenter was Chi Chi Izundu and she was really cheerful. Chi Chi started it of by welcoming a You Tuber. She made everyone excited by naming all these popular You Tubers that everyone knew like Zoella, Alfie Deyes, ksi etc. But then she announced Jim Chapman, which not many people knew. Jim talked about how he got into You Tube and how he started off with a webcam that he won in a serial box. We got to ask him questions and I was one of them. I asked him, “Where does he get the ideas from for his blogs.” We also asked questions of Radio 1’s controller, Ben Cooper about the future of radio. It was really cool that I got to talk to a You Tuber with 2 million subscribers and hear some of his tips as I am a You Tube myself. After that there was a man that was doing all these sounds with house hold items that sounded real, but we had blind folds so we didn’t see what he was doing. At the end we had the spark choir sing happy by Pharrell Williams.

Dominik Weglarz

School Report 4I thought going to the BBC Broadcasting House was a great experience,  we met producers and DJs who are really important to the BBC such as Paddy O’Connell, we also met a blogger called Jim Chapman who really inspired some students to start making You Tube videos. During some of the debates we had to wear blindfolds, which I thought was a bit strange, until I realized that radio was all about listening and not seeing things. When we had finished listening to the 2 debates we went on a little tour of the building where we saw where all the journalists gathered their information. Overall I think we had a fun and interesting day.  

Melissa Broomfield

At the end of both sessions, we went on a little tour around the building. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a tour School Report 2on the TV sets, but we did catch a glimpse of the news and weather set. We also saw the coding side of BBC. We learnt a lot about coding and we used codes to make games, websites, puzzles and we even programed a toy car just by using code. During the tour, we had some free snacks and drinks while we were learning about codes. The people at the BBC also taught us that coding is hacking, but not bad hacking like the bank or PSN, but good hacking like creating a website or designing a game.

Tyrese Frederick


School Report 5