Code of Conduct


The teachers in the college work hard to ensure that you, the student, will benefit from a range of activities which take you out of the classroom for a day or longer.

These trips and journeys are arranged to give you the opportunity to increase your understanding of the subjects you do in college.

The journeys and trips are primarily for you to do college work in a different environment, but it is also important that the time away from college is an enjoyable one, during which you will also learn skills about getting on and helping others in the party.

It is important that the Code of Conduct is accepted and followed to ensure a successful trip for yourselves, your friends and your teachers.

You, and your parents, have already agreed to the Code of Conduct when you joined the College, but it is detailed below in case you need a reminder.

Code of Conduct for all College Journeys and Visits

I understand that:

  1. College rules regarding behaviour and conduct apply at all times.
  2. I must follow all directions given to me by my teachers before and during the trip.
  3. Chewing gum is not allowed on any trip.
  4. Seatbelts must be worn on all coaches and minibuses.
  5. Singing and shouting is not allowed on the transport.
  6. All work required of me must be done at the times stated during the trip, and handed in at the agreed time.
  7. I must take special care regarding how I work, where I work, and be aware of any possible dangers, like working near a river.
  8. I must not do anything that will put any of my group (or other people) in danger, and I will report any possible danger or dangerous behaviour to a member of staff.
  9. I must be at the assembly points at the times stated by the teachers.
  10. The college has an excellent reputation, and I will behave in an exemplary way showing courtesy and consideration at all times to the teachers, members of the party and other people with whom we will come into contact.
  11. I should never be on my own, and will stay in the group agreed on to which I have been allocated.
  12. I will dress appropriately for the trip.
  13. Most importantly, the teachers must be obeyed at all times and without question.

For Residential Trips

  1. I must show the highest respect for the venue at which I will be staying.  This will include keeping rooms clean.
  2. I will carry a “help me” card at all times in case I get lost.
  3. I will always be in a group of no less than four.
  4. I must accept the directions of the teacher each day, with special attention to places we are not allowed to go, or to things we cannot do.
  5. It is an extremely serious breach of college rules and discipline if I buy or attempt to buy any banned substance such as cigarettes, tobacco, or any dangerous weapons such as knives, and that this will be dealt with very seriously by the school.  The purchase of fireworks in also banned.
  6. I must show consideration for others in the group, and other people, by following without question directions given about behaviour at night, i.e. lights out, leaving rooms.

(The teacher in charge may include extra requirements).