Residential Trips

We host several residential trips every year, and 2019-20 will be no exception. 


Hindleap Warren New Year 7 Intake 2019

Dates:  11th to 13th October 2019

Hosted by: Ms R Hill/ Ms K Johal

Open to: New Year 7 Intake

Cost of trip: £160

Details of trip: A multi activity weekend where the students will participate on a range of activities focusing on group work and getting to know new peers and staff. 


Belgium Trip Year 10 History Trip 2019

Dates: 31st October 2019 to 2nd November 2019

Hosted by: Mr Petrie

Open to: Year 9 History students

Cost of trip: £280

Details of trip: To consolidate classroom learning on WW1 and International Relations

  • Visits include several War Graves, Battle Fields, Museums, Towns and the Menim Gate Last Post
  • Chocolatier Ledoux Factory and Bowling


Florence Maths Trip 2020

Dates: 11th to 14th February 2020

Hosted by: Mrs Morgan

Open to: Year 10 Maths students 

Cost of trip: £490

Details of trip: To visit Duomo Cathedral, Leonardo da Vinci Museum, The Garden of Archimedes ( Museum of Mathematics), The Galileo Museum, The leaning Tower of Pisa, The Field of Miracles  


Lake District Year 10 Geography Trip 2020

Dates:  TBC

Hosted by: Mr Lawrence

Open to: Year 10 Geography students

Cost of trip: £150 approx

Details of trip: As part of GCSE Geography students are able to interact with a range of landscapes including rural areas, rivers, coast and various ecosystems. Students will also develop skills such as teamwork, leadership and orienteering.


Berlin Year 10 History Trip 2020

Dates: 23rd April  to 28th April 2020  

Hosted by: Mr Petrie

Open to: Year 10 History students

Cost of trip: £450

Details of trip: Students will visit key sites and places of interest relating to GCSE studies on Nazi Germany.

  • Reichhstag Parliament
  • Holocaust Memorial
  • Olympic Stadium
  • Sachenhausen Concentration Camp
  • Wannsee Villa


Paris Year 8 Disneyland Trip 2020

Dates: TBC

Hosted by: Mrs Hirst

Open to: Year 8 Students

Cost of trip: £325 apprx

Details of trip: For Year 8 pupils to gain first-hand experience of the French Language and Culture in Paris.

  • Champs Elysees,
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • River Seine,
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Disneyland
  • Cite Europe.