Religious Education

Experiencing Catholicism in Today’s World

In today’s multi-cultural society, issues of religious understanding and tolerance are more important than ever, and Religious Education has a vital role to play for our students’ personal development.  Students learn to develop their own interpretation of their Catholic faith, challenging the society around them and their place in it.

Our Approach

Religious Education is one of the core subjects at the College, alongside English, Maths and Science. Our Department’s strong results have improved year on year.  Students enjoy RE lessons and come to a deeper knowledge, understanding and love of the Word of God as revealed in Scriptures and the teaching of the Church.

Students are also given the opportunity to reflect on their own lives and the big decisions that they are facing.  The Department aims are to ensure all students are extended and challenged to learn about and learn from Catholic Christianity through lively and thorough analysis of the effects of the Roman Catholic tradition on aspects of Christian lifestyle and behaviour.  The specification at KS4 and the schemes of work at KS3 conform to the requirements laid down by the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

Key Stage 3

Fundamental topics for Catholic education include both religious history, biblical study and understanding of other religions and traditions.

Key Stage 4

Students at KS4 divide their examination between Years 10 and 11 and examples of the units of study covered are: