Letter from Chair of Governors - Section 48 Inspection Announced.

Dear Parents/Carers

The school is about to have a denominational inspection.  This is a statutory inspection which all Church schools must have.   Our Diocese provides the inspectors.  They will look at everything to do with the Catholic character of the school, including leadership, religious education, worship, moral and spiritual development, and links with local Catholic community.

Inspectors will observe lessons and acts of worship, talk to staff and pupils, analyse data and discuss emerging issues with senior managers.  The inspection culminates in a written report that the governors will send to you. 

Parents’ views are very important.  We shall be sharing with the inspectors any evidence we have of parents’ views of the school.  Inspectors would also like to hear directly from you.   We appreciate that we have not given you very much time, but it would be very helpful if you could complete the attached questionnaire in confidence and return it as quickly as you can to the inspectors, in a sealed envelope if possible.  You are welcome to give any additional information that you wish. 

If, for any reason, you feel you would like to talk to an inspector in person, it may be possible to organise this.  If you would like to meet an inspector, or talk to an inspector on the telephone, please contact the school and leave your number.  Your details will be taken and passed on to an inspector, who will call you as soon as possible.   The inspector will want to hear your comments, but may not be able to enter into a lengthy discussion or give an opinion on the points you raise.  Your name and what you say will not be revealed unless you wish, but issues resulting from discussions with parents may be raised with the school.  

Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire.  You should receive a report giving you the outcomes of the inspection within a few weeks of the end of the inspection. 

Yours sincerely,

Louise Farmer

Chair of Governors

The full letter with attached survey can be downloaded from this link



Letter from Chair of Governors - Appointment of Principal

Dear Parents, Carers and students,

Re: Appointment of Principal – Bonus Pastor Catholic College

After a competitive recruitment process, it is with great pleasure to inform you that Mr Jonathan Ronan has been appointed to the role of Principal at the College.  Mr Ronan will take up this post from September 2018, having been Head of School over the last year.  He is a very strong leader and has the knowledge and vision that will build on our success as an outstanding school. 

Our education landscape is forever changing, and under his leadership, and together with the staff at the College, he will ensure that the best outcomes for our students are the number one priority. The dedication of our students to their work, and our partnership with parents and others will be a key component to this.

Thank you for your support.

Louise Farmer

Chair of Governors

Bonus Pastor Catholic College


Fantastic News!

Bonus Pastor has been found to be outstanding in every category in our recent Ofsted inspection!

Please click this link to read the complete 2017 Ofsted Inspection Report