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Community Partners

Working with Businesses

Bonus Pastor Catholic College places great value on the relationships it has created and we are always seeking new interest from both companies and individuals alike who can offer work placements, places of educational interest and citizenship day activities which will continue to inspire our young men and women.

 We are currently working with the following:

We believe there are many ways in which we can work with you in an effective and beneficial partnership. For further information regarding Partnerships please contact Mr Collis on 020 8695 2100 or by email Office@bp.lewisham.sch.uk

Bonus Pastor Catholic College are now seeking businesses both local and further afield for Corporate Sponsorship. Over the course of our academic year we host a wide variety of events ranging from sporting achievement to academic achievement whereby we celebrate the success of our young people. If you would like to discuss the options available to you then please  contact Mr Cann on 020 8695 2100 or by email Office@bp.lewisham.sch.uk

Mr Cann
Director of Premises and Facilities