Policy Documents

Unless otherwise stated these policies were:-      

These policies were reviewed in Summer 2016

Parents can request paper copies for any of our policies or information

Name Date File Size  
Acceptable use policy 2016-2017 20th Jun 2016188 KB Download
Admissions Criteria Policy 2017- 2018 09th Mar 2017319 KB Download
Attendance and Punctuality 2017 - 18 07th Feb 201855 KB Download
Behaviour and Inclusion Policy 07th Feb 2018267 KB Download
Charging and Remission Policy 2016 21st Jan 2016120 KB Download
Code of Conduct Policy 2016-17 01st Nov 2016161 KB Download
Complaints Procedure 2017 26th Sep 2017157 KB Download
Educational Visits Policy 22nd Feb 2018257 KB Download
Equal Opportunities Policy 2016-17 22nd Sep 201664 KB Download
Full Marking Policy 2016-2017 01st Feb 2017107 KB Download
Home Visit Policy 2016 17th Oct 201626 KB Download
Literacy Policy 2016-17 17th Oct 2016284 KB Download
Reporting and Assessment Policy 2016- 20... 01st Feb 2017319 KB Download
Safeguarding Policy 2016-2017 28th Mar 2017544 KB Download
SEND Information report 2017-18 07th Feb 201829 KB Download
SEND Policy 2017-18 07th Feb 201897 KB Download
Whistleblowing Policy 2017 26th Sep 2017277 KB Download